OPPO to rival Redmi with its own 300W charging

It seems like OPPO is preparing to match Redmi’s 300W offering. As many of you know, Redmi showed off its 300W charging back in February, though it still didn’t make its way to a single product.

OPPO is aiming to rival Redmi with its 300W fast charging

Redmi did, however, confirm that it plans to utilize 300W charging in devices moving forward. The fastest charging now available in a commercial smartphone is Realme’s 240W charging solution. It is included in the realme GT3. realme is OPPO’s company, even though it’s now its own company, technically. So OPPO likely had a lot to do with that 240W charging offering.

In any case, OPPO is looking to up the ante once again. The news regarding its 300W charging solution comes from Digital Chat Station, a well-known Chinese tipster. He shared the info via Weibo.

It will likely be presented before the end of this year, and OPPO is aiming to present it while paired with a 4,450mAh battery. You’re probably wondering how fast will this charging be, well, we may have an idea.

OPPO’s offering should be on par with Redmi’s implementation when it comes to charging speed

Redmi’s 300W charging takes under 5 minutes to fully charge a 4,100mAh battery. It takes only 2 minutes and 11 seconds to reach the 50-percent mark. So, OPPO’s 300W charging should offer similar results.

OPPO’s SuperVOOC charging has been serving users well for quite some time now. The company includes super-fast charging in many of its smartphones, even the cheaper ones. We’ve tested it a number of times, and it really does work really well.

The company’s 120W charging is plenty fast, so many people would probably say that they don’t really need charging to be faster than that. If it can be achieved while keeping battery health in check, why wouldn’t companies push forward.


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