PayMaya is rebranding as “Maya”

PayMaya is rebranding its name as “Maya” and it aims to be a all in one money app. I think this is PayMaya’s way top make it easier to recall the name of the app.

What could be the reason why PayMaya rebranded its name?

It is said that the new rebranded Maya app is easier to navigate and use and more intuitive to use. The reason why PayMaya rebranded its name is to compete with GCash much better and bring more hype in the community.

The early access to the Maya app is only available on Google Play Store for Android users only, it is not yet available in iOS devices.

The new users who will create a new account will get a 20 pesos voucher and a extra 80 after the completion of the account. The company will host an event on April 29, we can expect them to show all the details that we need to know about this new app that they made. The availability for iOS.


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