PH telco loads get more expensive, some promos didn’t even exist anymore

What in the inflation risin’, hard life, weak peso, expensive shallot, golden era bs is happening right now? You can’t even subscribe to your favorite promos anymore!?

Everything is nonsensically expensive nowadays, from your Tang Orange juice sachet, to your lowly onion… now it’s the next perillous truth of every Filipino, your load.

From DC Chan Napala Sumcio’s post:

The old UNLI DATA 99 promo is now 125 pesos! What is this, Smart?

Joshua James Cunanan Briones commented: “It’s true! I checked it through my sim carrier, TNT (Talk and Text)! Now, it’s getting even harder to budget my expenses…”

Looking at Joshua’s screenshots, the former 99 pesos is now 125 pesos, and the 30 days variant is now 349 pesos.

Here’s some more screenshots:

Many netizens also gave their comments regarding the “Great Load Price Hike”, many claiming that even GOMO is now asking for higher prices for their offers, and Smart even going as far as charging a convenience fee of 1 peso. It isn’t that much, but when you realize how great these telcos scale is, then a slight increase means millions if not, billions— overtime.

Will Globe and DITO will follow suit, or they are starting to implement their own new prices discreetly? What leads to the price hike? Maybe because of the inflation, or even plausible: the new SIM Registration Act costs a ton of money to develop so telcos in return, charge their expenses back to the subscribers. But we’ll never know as for now. What do you think about this news? What are your takes about it?


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