Pixel 7a specs leaked! 90Hz display, 64MP main cam, wireless charging

Google I/O starts next week on May 10 and on the second day of the event the company will reveal the new Pixel 7a mid-ranger. However, the smartphone is really close to the flagship Pixel 7 in terms of specs. Here are some of those specs, courtesy of Roland Quand

  Pixel 7a specs & Retail box contents

The Pixel 7a will be the first in the “a” series with a high resolution main camera (64MP), the first with a high refresh rare display (90Hz) and the first with wireless charging (18W). It’s a major upgrade over the 6a from a year ago.

And it comes very close to the specs of the Pixel 7 flagship, which is still under a year old. This includes the Tensor G2 chipset (the RAM and storage capacities were not mentioned in this leak).

  Google Pixel 7a in blue

The Pixel 7 started at $600 last year and these days it almost always carries some discount. The Pixel 7a is expected to cost $500, $50 more than the 6a before it. That’s not unexpected, given the major upgrades on the new model.

Compared to the Pixel 7, the 6.1” display is slightly smaller the 6.3” panel on the flagship model, but both are FHD+ 90Hz AMOLED displays. A high res main camera for improved Super Res Zoom is also available (it will be a 1/1.37” Sony IMX787 with 64MP resolution, if rumors are to be believed), as well as wireless charging, so the gap between the 7 and 7a will be quite small.

   Pixel 7a highlight features

More exciting news will be shared next week so stay tuned!

For your reference, here is the specs of last year’s Google Pixel 7!



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