POCO F4 GT Unboxing and First Impressions

The POCO F4 GT is the latest phone from the brand that always makes bang-for-the-buck devices. It’s equipped with the world’s fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, a 1080×2400 resolution display, a premium build, 4700 mAh battery with an ultrafast 120W charging, and a ton of features that make this gaming phone a cut above the rest.


The POCO F4 GT is packed neatly into a box with the POCO’s black and yellow color scheme. There’s nothing special about the box – you get to see the branding upfront. The POCO F4 GT is cleanly printed on the right side, with a print for its 5G capability on the lower left side and the POCO logo on the upper left. 

The POCO F4 Gt is also printed on the left and right sides of the box. At the top is where you’ll find additional specs and information about the unit like the variant (storage and RAM). 

Opening the box reveals the separate cardboard container for the manuals, jelly case (meron pa rin freebies), and sim ejector pin. Below the unit is the 120W fast charger and the cable. Sadly, walang included na ear phones, which isn’t a big deal considering this phone has other features that will benefit the user. And yes, since walang earphones, walang 3.5mm jack.


The POCO F4 GT may look familiar for Xiaomi brand fans – kamukha nito ang Redmi K50 Pro Gaming Edition 5G. In fact, this phone is the global version of the Redmi K50. The only difference is the design.

Instead of getting the signature blue and gold color scheme sa Redmi K50 AMG Petronas Edition, the POCO F4 GT has an all-silver color scheme. May shiny silver accent running through the rear panel, and two triangles that make the rear look like an hourglass.

The camera array is styled similarly – it has an hourglass-shaped design containing the three cameras. It has small prints that say “Freezing” and “Speediest”, however these two don’t actually serve a function other than aesthetics. 

What’s cool though ay ang kanyang lights bordering the camera module. This neat trick turns on kapag nakacharge ang phone – much similar to the OPPO Reno 7 5G.

Just right of this camera module is the lightning-shaped LED flash to assist with night photography, or pwede rin mag-function as an emergency flashlight.

The top of the phone has a speaker, IR blaster, and a secondary mic for clearer calls. The fingerprint scanner, gaming triggers, and the game trigger switches are mounted on the right side of the phone. 

You can adjust volume sa left side of the phone, and there’s another mic here that will serve useful for  5-man team games like ML or FPS games. Dito na rin nakalagay ang sim tray. The charging port (USB-C) and the speaker are located on the chin of the phone. 

We’ve seen phones with slimmer bezels than the POCO F4 GT’s but the phone looks good overall. Hindi rin sya mabigat, weighing only 210g. This weight is normal for a gaming phone since mas maraming components ang nilalagay for a better user experience.


The POCO F4 GT uses a very bright OLED screen with an HDR10+ feature. Sobrang linaw ng videos while playing Youtube – we get true blacks from the OLED screen, and lines are sharp thanks to the 1080×2400 resolution. 

Since OLED screen nga, the colors pop out, and details are always clear, however, there are times that the images are “gritty” because of the high sharpness expected from a 1080×2400 resolution.

This phone is excellent for both media consumption and gaming. Salamat sa 120Hz refresh rate, mas madali mag dodge ng skill shots at mag chain ng combos. Para sa mga Lin mains sa ML, mas madali na iperform ang wall combos, or gumamit ng wall-hug para sa Fanny cable trick.

The HDR10+ will help with either very bright or very dark scenes sa movies. And speaking of brightness, the POCO F4 GT has a sunlight display feature – this makes it possible to use the phone outdoors. In the phone settings, there are other software settings to improve video playback and image quality. However, improved video playback consumes more power.


The phone is equipped with a 4700mAh battery. Since the phone uses an OLED screen, you can expect a longer battery life, pero depende pa rin sa ginagamit na app for the day. On standby mode, this phone can last several days. 

But enough talk about battery life, because this phone has a better feature: the 120W charger can bring this phone from 0 to 100% in under 20 minutes. The GaN charger is quite heavy, and it’s not as compact – hindi kagaya ng charger ng Nubia Redmagic 7, another gaming phone that has SD 8 Gen 1 with a similarly impressive battery life.

We’ve tested Genshin Impact, Mobile Legends, and CODM on this phone, and we can say that the phone handles it well. Just don’t focus on the overheating, kasi wala talagang dedicated cooling fan, however the phone uses other means of cooling.

Mobile Legends runs smoothly on the POCO F4 GT. Kayang isagad sa ultra-high graphics ang settings. Walang dip sa frame rates, however, depending sa internet speed, you might experience latency (not in anyway related sa hardware ng phone).

Playing shooting games on this phone is easier too. Salamat sa magnetic gaming triggers, pwedeng i-assign ‘eto for different functions like scope or weapon switching. You can even change the configuration of what the triggers do. For example, pwede itong gawin shortcut buttons for the LED torch, or a dedicated front camera launcher, or even shutter button.

Pop-up shoulder buttons

There’s a dedicated “game space” feature to access even more settings for your favorite games. Pwedeng i-change ang color settings: increase vibrancy, increase frame rates, use the phone in balanced or performance mode. Kahit anong laro pa yan, there’s preset gaming settings for a lag-free and smoother experience.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset performs tasks at lightning speed. Walang delay sa app launching; scrolling through the apps is smooth, and sobrang responsive ng display sa touch input. 

However, malakas din kumain ng battery ang Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, and with more power consumption means higher temp. The phone overheats, but not to a degree na hindi ka na comfortable sa prolonged gaming sessions.


The phone comes equipped with a triple camera setup. The main camera uses a 64MP sensor with wide lens, another ultrawide lens with an 8MP sensor, and a 2MP depth sensor. Not the best camera specs we’ve seen on a gaming phone, but hey, this phone takes good pictures. Just see the samples below.

This phone can also capture videos in different qualities. Kung gusto mo ng cinematic video clips, use the 4K@60fps. It can also record in other formats like 1080p@120fps (good for sports clips), 720p@960fps (even better for high-speed objects), and HDR mode. The front camera is limited up to 1080p@60fps. This makes the phone also ideal for vlogging.

There’s no question about the camera quality because this phone captures very clear images when there’s good lighting. There’s no OIS on the phone but we’ve taken videos and stable siya – almost OIS-like.

In darker lighting conditions, the camera can still capture good images but it has a bit of a noise. Medyo grainy ang image quality because of the forced ISO sa camera software. But overall, the camera does a good job.


For the pricing and availability, there’s no official announcements yet. The pricing is PHP27,590 for the base version of 8GB RAM with 128GB storage. Available din ito sa 12GB RAM and 128GB storage for PHP PHP30,990 and 12GB | 256GB.


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