POCO X6 Pro 5G Gaming Performance: Best in its price range?

The POCO X6 Pro is a good deal for a midrange, and here are some insights into why it’s a bang for your buck.

With AnTuTu scores and prices keep rising each day, it’s really hard to find reliable smartphone performance for a reasonable price tag. But this year, I think there’s one that you should consider.

Yours truly personally own one and so far, everything’s smooth. Nothing’s perfect, not even the most expensive flagship out there, but this POCO midranger is really living up to its name, hardware, and pricing.

Look at the specs first before we continue.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

I haven’t been MOBA gaming for a while, which is why I’m way behind the meta. But I tried my hand on Ranked just to see how the POCO X6 Pro will handle the latest update.

This phone can handle Ultra graphics and Ultra refresh rate. The real test is stability in performance and heat.

Among many games I’ve played recently, Mobile Legends is the most demanding over time when the graphics settings are pushed to the ceiling. No issues during clashes, tower dives, and objective takes, but the temperature got quite high. Check the stats’ below.

Call of Duty: Mobile

When it comes to first-person shooters, the usual trouble is which one must be sacrificed: visuals or frame rates. Prioritizing the frame rate is the best choice for FPS games because you need smoothness and speed, rather than aesthetics.

But on the POCO X6 Pro, you can have both. Call of the Duty: Mobile only supports two max  settings for this handset: Very High graphics + Max frame rate and Medium graphics + Ultra frame rate.

I decided to go for the Very High graphics + Max frame rate because a tooltip shows that the max achievable FPS on my phone is 120 for multiplayer and 90 for Battle Royale and Undead Siege.

Surprise! I was shocked that the POCO X6 Pro ran multiplayer at max graphics and 120 FPS. I thought it wouldn’t. The same experience happened in Battle Royale. Curious about the temps? Check the screenshots below.

If you’re into FPS games and want a wider range of tweaks between frame rate and graphics, POCO X6 Pro can offer that without breaking your bank.

Genshin Impact

It’s been a few years since I last played Genshin Impact. When I say played, I meant hours of gameplay to at least complete dailies.

But out of curiosity, I wanted to see how this phone fares in this game. No problem with the graphics maxed out at 60 FPS. My problem was I couldn’t defeat the field bosses that I used to eliminate every day.

Still, I managed to get some gameplay enough to raise the temperature. I couldn’t defeat the Cryo Regisvine because it’s just too much. I also couldn’t defeat the Anemo Hypostasis since I forgot how to stop it from regenerating.

Black Clover Mobile

One of my recent favorites is Black Clover Mobile, based on the anime of the same name. I used to play this on my Infinix NOTE 10 Pro and LG V50, but the POCO X6 Pro just took the experience to the next level.

Now, I can play Black Clover Mobile at the highest graphics setting and frame rate: Ultra at 60 FPS. Despite being a turn-based game, BCM could be demanding when you push the settings.

The POCO X6 Pro always breezed through this game. No noticeable stutters, lags, or hiccups, however, bad internet is a different story.

Downsides? Having the game on Ultra and 60 FPS can lead to warm temperatures too.

Final Thoughts

The POCO X6 Pro is a solid performer in the mid-range segment and it has real gaming potential. That raw performance of over 1.3 million points on AnTuTu isn’t a joke. Then, what’s the tradeoff? Camera.

This midranger only has a decent camera setup, with an okay macro compared to some models in the price range. Camera captures require good lighting and some of your patience. But for social media posts and live-streaming, POCO X6 Pro got you covered.

For an SRP of ₱16,999, the POCO X6 Pro can give the gaming experience you’ve been wanting: up to 120 FPS and Ultra graphics. You can buy other “gaming” phones for a lower price but don’t expect them to hit a million points on AnTuTu.

To be fair, some other brands have added bypass charging on their budget gaming phones to let users experience console-like gaming. POCO X6 Pro doesn’t have this, which is a bummer. 

But that’s a matter of preference and budget: Ultra at 120 FPS without bypass or Medium at 30/60 FPS with bypass.

Are you enjoying your POCO X6 Pro or planning to own one?


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