PS6 Next Gen Console Design and Launch Date Leaked!

Hold on to your gaming controllers, because we have some exciting news for you! According to recently released documents from Sony, the PS6 is already in the works, and Sony has even hinted at a possible release date of 2027.

The gaming world has been buzzing with excitement ever since Sony launched its highly-anticipated PlayStation 5 in November 2020. But with limited stock and a scarcity of components, many gamers have been waiting patiently to get their hands on this coveted console. And just when they thought they finally could, news of the upcoming PlayStation 6 has surfaced.

But why the delay in launching the PS6? Well, it turns out that Sony is waiting for Microsoft’s exclusive deal with Activision Blizzard to expire in 2027, which would leave Sony vulnerable to consumer switching if they launched a new console too soon.

So, it seems that the PS5 will be reigning supreme for at least seven years, giving gamers plenty of time to enjoy all the latest and greatest games. But with the promise of a new and improved console on the horizon, the anticipation is already building for what’s to come.



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