realme 10: An exclusive quick unboxing

realme 10’s official launch is just around the corner, but we have here an exclusive unit to show us to you!

This November 9 at around 3:30 pm (PH Time), we will finally know everything about the realme 10 Series in all of its glory.

As the famous saying goes, it’s better to be late than never, and being first doesn’t mean you’re the best. In a sea of first unboxing articles through various articles regarding realme 10, we’ll show you why this is the article you should be reading right now.

Yellow seems to be the perfect eye-catching color

The box shows realme’s maturity from their first device down to the tenth incarnation of their hit series, now in its tenth edition. The box art is as simplistic as ever and emits a sense of confidence and stability and letting the big, bold number 10 doing all the leg work here that screams “you are never prepared for this innovation right here”.

Unlike other box designs like Apple which shows the unit itself in center as a picture, realme doesn’t need to and shouldn’t do that, since their social media presence and word-of-mouth marketing is enough to sell you to the fact that this is a mighty fine smartphone for a quarter of a price of mid-range offerings here. Safe to say, this is realme’s “White Album”.

Eye-popping color! A visual treat.

Getting a deep dive to the goodies inside

Thanks to the assistance of Venom here, this symbiote antihero here shows us that the realme 10 box layout is more of the same, but without the overblown visuals or text (i.e., the DARE TO LEAP etching on some of their phones) because again, they didn’t need to anymore. They have found an audience, and it definitely shows. Being boring for the better.

Looking good, Mr. Eddie Brock.
An even closer look.
Quick Start Guide, Important Information Guide, and the jelly case, perfectly fine.
The 33W fast charger for the realme 10’s 5,000mAh battery…
Easy with the wires, Venom! You might trip over it. Safety first…
Don’t forget the sim tray…
The whole Shebang!

The phone itself

We got the blue colorway, and from the looks of it, it feels very slick and premium, and it even has a cloud-like blur effect when light shines on it. The blue seems like the royal blue type and for that, it’s awesome.

There’s no actual square bump for the camera here, rather than a thin circular one that’s more pleasing to the eyes.

With its 90Hz Super AMOLED display paired with a tasteful side hole punch a decent chin to it, realme 10 seems to be a great choice if you’re planning to buy a new phone.

And for the gamers out there, the MediaTek Helio G99 chipset can handle most games with ease and comfort. realme 10’s 8GB RAM plus an additional 8GB Virtual RAM for a total of 16GB will greatly help anyone for any intense multitasking.

So that’s it for now, wait for our full review on our YouTube channel for a more in-depth examination of the realme 10.


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