realme Note 50 vs. Infinix SMART 8: Battle of budget beasts

Struggling to know what budget phone can you get for 3K? We offer you two options: one with IP54 and one with volume boost.

Looking for a feature-packed smartphone but you can only cough up 3K? Why not go for these two entry-level models: the realme Note 50 and Infinix SMART 8. Both have similar specifications and price tag, so we’ll show you which one is the better value for your money.


The realme Note 50 and Infinix SMART 8 have the same design factor: triple camera holes and rounded edges. But for the screen, the former has a waterdrop notch while the latter has a punch hole cutout. Consider this factor because they will matter when you’re watching videos or playing games.

If there’s an edge to give here, we’ll give to the realme Note 50. It has a smaller chin compared to Infinix SMART 8 and that matters in full screen immersion. In terms details, check them out below:

realme Note 50Infinix SMART 8
Display size6.74 inches6.6 inches
Display typeIPS LCDIPS LCD
Resolution720 x 1600720 x 1612
Refresh rate90Hz90Hz
Pixel per inch260267

realme Note 50’s display is a bit better than Infinix SMART 8 but it will take more than just that to judge which one is the best.

By the way, the realme Note 50 is thinner at 7.99 millimeters and lighter at 186 grams, compared to the 8.7 millimeters and 188 grams of the Infinix SMART 8.


Powering these two smartphones are Unisoc SOCs with T612 on the realme Note 50 and T606 on Infinix SMART 8. Just by their clock speeds, the Unisoc T612 is better in raw processing but both chipsets have the same graphics processing unit.

realme Note 50Infinix SMART 8
ProcessorUnisoc T612Unisoc T606
Performance cores2 x 1.8 GHz2 x 1.6 GHz
Efficiency cores6 x 1.8 GHz6 x 1.6 GHz
Process12 nanometers12 nanometers

On paper, realme Note 50 is expected to dish out more processing power than the Infinix SMART 8, especially in games. The former may be slightly better at handling apps since it has a 4GB physical memory than the 3GB on the latter. Both phones have RAM expansion of up to 4GB though.


Neither smartphones are equipped with powerful camera systems. The realme Note 50 and Infinix SMART 8 has the same dual-rear camera setup in 13MP main sensor and 0.08MP auxiliary lens, with the Infinix phone having a ring LED flash. This flash design may light up dim conditions more evenly than a typical flash.

For selfies, the Infinix SMART 8 has a slight edge with its 8MP sensor than the 5MP on the realme Note 50. But keep in mind that megapixel is just the resolution of the photo, not the total definition of quality.

If you see these phones at the mall, test the front and back cameras to see the differences. The realme Note 50 may only have a 5MP selfie camera but selfies may look better thanks to its higher processor.


When it comes to power, both realme Note 50 and Infinix SMART 8 are equipped with a 5000mAh battery pack and 10W of fast-charging. Typical battery saving features are expected on these phones but realme Note 50 may consume more power.

The higher processing of Unisoc T612 and bigger screen size of realme Note 50 can impact its overall screen-on time or SOT. But if the realme UI T is well-optimized, the software itself can mitigate those downsides.

So, in theory, Infinix SMART 8 has a slightly longer SOT than realme Note 50.

Special Features

Each smartphone sports software-based features for extended battery life, higher refresh rate, etc. But among many neat features, we decided to go for two things.

realme Note 50 has been certified with IP54 rating. The phone won’t build up dust inside quickly and can handle accidental splashes.

Infinix SMART 8 has no IP54 certification but it has up to 200% volume boost. This suggests that the phone’s speakers won’t be damaged easily by high volume levels.

Take note that these features have limitations on their own.

Final Thoughts

The price tag is a huge factor in choosing between these two budget phones and both are just a little over 3K. If we’re to pick, we’ll go for realme Note 50 simply because it has dust and water resistance and slightly higher performance.

However, Infinix SMART 8 may look appealing if you prefer the punch hole cutout design over the waterdrop notch. This phone is also a bit smaller which means more compact if excellent grip is your thing.

It all boils down to preference. We strongly suggest going to an authorized seller to see each device in person. Get a feel of it and explore some of the features to find out which phone will suit you.

Check out the price and specs of realme Note 50 and Infinix SMART 8 below.


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