Realme’s could bring 240W Fast Charging in early 2023.

Realme has announced that they will debut their fast-charging technology in January 2023. The smartphone manufacturer claims that with this “breakthrough,” it would “leapfrog” its rivals and take the top spot in this industry. It is currently anticipated that the first handset to use it will also ship with a potent chipset and a brand-new, high-end main rear camera.

In 2022, smartphone charging rates reached new heights, primarily propelled by companies like Realme with products like the GT Neo 3. It could recharge their batteries at up to 150 watts (W), but soon, gadgets like the 210W Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition took its place.

Realme has recently made strong suggestions that it might once more conquer the smartphone power brick mountain with a fresh “complete innovation” that will be announced on January 5, 2023. Despite the potential speeds that might be reached, the firm has previously stated that it will safeguard the wellbeing and “longevity” of the new battery in question.

Although it is claimed that Realme would make an official upgrade to 240W charging, the company has not yet specified this rate. It is anticipated to make its debut in the GT Neo 5, which, according to a recently leaked poster, will also be upgraded with the new Sony IMX890 sensor as a main camera and OIS on top of that.


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