Reasons Why We Ranked Tecno Pova 3 as Maganda Na

Everything about this phone is BIG. Big screen, big battery, big box, and a lot of other specs that make it the gaming phone of the year for 2022. Let’s see why the TECNO POVA 3 ranked as Maganda Na our tier list.


This is the best viewing device despite the IPS LCD screen. At 6.9” FHD+ combined with 90Hz refresh rate, it’s one of the best perks this phone has. Not a lot of phones go for higher refresh rates in IPS LCD but TECNO POVA 3 manages to impress. 

Good saturation levels for an IPS LCD with 90Hz.

A punch hole camera gives a larger screen real estate so you get to watch more Youtube vids. Talking about Youtube videos, this device can output higher quality videos, up to 1440P.

Scrolling feels as smooth as butter.
Those lines are crisp!
This is what 90Hz can do.


There’s an upgrade to the processor too. Last year, we had the Helio G85 on the TECNO POVA 2, but this time, TECNO made that to Helio G88. Odd choice for some, but the massive improvements in terms of processor speed make this a gaming phone that can handle anything – from simple RPG games to more competitive games like Mobile Legends.

CODM is easier to play thanks to the Helio G88 upgrade.

While there’s no dedicated cooling system (actually there’s a built-in layering system that helps it cool down), this phone gives you blazing speeds to help you reach your Mythic levels as Chou or your favorite ML hero.

Panther Game Engine doing its thing.

But wait, there’s more. The Panther Game engine ensures you have unparalleled gaming experience to make those games smoother. You won’t have to think twice about buying this device because of its specialized gaming software. Couple that with the 6GB’s of RAM, and its endless gaming for days.

Playing Mobile Legends is super smooth on the TECNO POVA 3.

6GB’s of RAM not enough for you? The TECNO POVA 3 has extended RAM, up to 11GB total, that allows the device to borrow from its local storage to boost performance. Why buy 8GB phones when you can have 11GB from TECNO POVA 3?


Look at that triple camera setup. Plus, the design looks great, too!

It makes sense for this phone to be in the “Maganda Na” tier list because of the 50MP triple camera setup. If TECNO POVA 3 settled for anything less than this, it wouldn’t make it even in the “Sakto Lang” tier. But combined with the other specs – huge battery, A COOL LOOKING DESIGN, a big screen, it’s all worth it for PHP8,999 (or PHP9,399 for electric blue).

The triple camera setup is just right. Software may lack a little in terms of post-processing, but it takes clear pictures nonetheless. This phone excels in increasing sharpness of closeup images which will be extremely useful for students or anyone who spends a lot of time with paper work. 


The selfie camera is at best, decent. Don’t expect too much from the selfies. At times, the phone can’t do whitebalancing correctly, and indoor pictures will have a tint of blue. But it’s a selfie camera, and you’ll be able to do videocalls clearly. Both cameras work well in good lighting conditions, specifically outdoors.


Shorter wait times, longer play times.

This phone upgraded its charging to 33W instead of the 18W we got from the TECNO POVA 2 last year. Play ML on the go, all day, everyday with the massive 7000mAh battery. It no longer takes 4 hours to charge this phone (very much like what happened to TECNO POVA 2) so expect fewer wait times.


So there you have it: a ton of features that place the TECNO POVA 3 in a higher tier list. The pros outweigh the cons, and this great device only sells for PHP 8,999.00 for the silver and black variants, and PHP 9399.00 for the special electric blue variant. Make sure to buy the latter if you want to boast this around your friends. Not a lot of budget phones have special led notification lights in their category.

Watch the full review here:

View the TECNO POVA 3 spec sheet here.


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