Redmi Note 12 Unboxing: Live vivid!

Here it is, the Redmi Note 12 in all of its glory, the bestselling king of Xiaomi under the mid-range category. Redmi Note 12 is proof that if ain’t broken, don’t fix it. 

Treading on its winning formula, the Redmi Note 12 may look like there’s not much happening outside, but inside– there is a lot to pack here.

But in this article, we will make an unboxing/first impression, so there’s no benchmarking here for the moment. 

The same Redmi box art is still here: very minimalist and confident of what they have. What you see is what you get– no frills and promises. The box feels heftier, so we assume many goodies are inside. 

Opening the box reveals an inner tube containing the sim ejector pin, some paperwork, and a clear jelly case with little flex– implying that they use more material to make it more sturdy. 

Then there’s the phone itself, wrapped inside a translucent plastic packaging– no comments to be said here. 

We remove the paper tray that acts as a separator and reveal the rest of the accessories: your standard 33W charging brick with rounded tips, a staple within the Xiaomi ecosystem. We also get a decent charging cord with orange accents.

There’s also a whole other section made from paper that acts as a way to hold the charger and cord together. We thought there were earphones or hidden accessories bunched in but none. No complaints, though, as we are briefed on the box itself. 

Inspecting the phone’s back design, we won’t lie to you: it’s terrific to look at. The Redmi Note 12’s Ice Blue colorway looks like staring at a crystal clear lake through an aquarium.

Your classic Redmi branding and some info are placed on the lower portion of the device, but it isn’t distracting to the overall Redmi Note 12 aesthetic. 

The camera bumps aren’t too large or minuscule, balancing form and design. Two of the three camera rings have a blue outline, bringing the extra appeal.

There’s also a 50MP word written on it. We will take a guess here and say that the back is entirely made from glass. 

The plastic framing, however, gives away its mid-range status, but it doesn’t take away the phone’s elegance or cheapen the device’s look.

The two SIM trays and SD slot are housed in the phone’s left corner. Hooray for another SIM slot and external expandability! 

The volume rockers and power button, which doubles as a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, dominate the entire right corner of the device.

The headphone jack is still located above, as with most models of the Redmi Note series, together with a microphone and what we suspect is an IR blaster to control any appliances with an infrared setup. 

And lastly, the USB-C port, the single down-firing loudspeaker, and another microphone are below.

Looking at the display, we quickly noticed the selfie camera nested inside a silver ring to give it more personality. There’s a pre-applied screen protector as well!

The Redmi Note 12’s 6.67-inch AMOLED display is vibrant and sharp– but not to the point that it looks oversaturated. 

The screen bezels are relatively thin compared to past models, except for the chin having a much more noticeable bezel size. It isn’t an eyesore or a hindrance since it is handled tastefully. 

Each swipe, scroll and click is lightning fast, thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate. 

And that’s it for now until we drop the full review for this device, pricing as follows through this phone’s specs page here:


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