Sad day for gamers? Lenovo discontinued Legion gaming smartphones

Ah, tis’ a sad day indeed…this week, Lenovo confirmed that it has thrown in the towel on gaming smartphones, with the “Legion” series no longer available

Lenovo confirmed directly after a rumor posted on social media Android Authorization that it was pulling the plug on its Legion gaming smartphones. The company states:

Lenovo is discontinuing its Android-based Legion Mobile gaming phone as part of broader business changes and gaming portfolio consolidation. As a leader in gaming devices and solutions, Lenovo is committed to advancing the gaming category across all factors, while focusing on how it can bring the most value to the global gaming community Is.

This decision is a bit surprising, but it is also understandable to some extent. Lenovo has released two gaming-focused Legion devices so far, but rumors and leaks regarding a 2023 follow-up have been non-existent. 

Lenovo first introduced the Legion smartphones in 2020, with the original Legion offering a pretty compelling package for mobile gaming including a 144Hz display, two haptic motors, and of course, RGB lighting effects. The second Legion, Duel 2, launches in the first half of 2021 with a new landscape-mounted pop-up camera, as well as updated specs and a new design. The Android-powered handheld “Lenovo Legion Play” was leaked in the same year, but the device was canceled before seeing an official reveal or release.

None of Lenovo’s Legion-branded devices are sold in the United States, instead focusing mostly on markets in Asia.

No word on how many employees this affects and whether Lenovo’s “sweeping business changes and gaming portfolio consolidation” will affect the company’s Legion lineup of gaming laptops, but it’s safe to say those devices are safe. It’s also unclear whether continued support will be offered for existing models.

The gaming smartphones from Lenovo, the Legion, are a wonderful value. It’s really disappointing that they decided to stop making it, but it makes sense given how fiercely competitive the gaming smartphone sector is right now.



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