Samsung Galaxy S22 vs S23 : What has changed?

As is customary each year, we will receive a new processor, and it appears that this time around, rather than just a makeover, we will receive a redesign. But what about camera advancements? So let’s compare the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S22 in terms of appearance, functionality, camera, and battery.

Key changes

  • S23 to get unified design — slim, with camera rings
  • S23 to have Snapdragon in all markets! (maybe, probably)
  • S23 to get a slight battery bump
  • No major change in camera

Design and Display

Samsung has spent several years perfecting its AMOLED screens, and the Galaxy S22 features superb, sharp, and vivid displays. We have high expectations for the Galaxy S23. Additionally, we anticipate that the sizes and proportions will not change, with both displays maintaining a 6.1-inch diagonal and a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. That would imply that the resolution, which is 1080 x 2340 with a dense 422 PPI, remains unchanged as well.

The Galaxy S23 series, according to the reports, will have a cohesive design language, which means the three models will look much more alike unlike the S22 series. The S22 and S22+ had that camera slab on the back, welded to the metal frame of the phones, giving the Galaxy S22 series two distinct designs. The S22 Ultra has a completely flat rear with 5 metal rings sticking out to hold the flash and focus sensors in place and protect the camera lenses. And according to reports, Samsung has decided to use the minimalist design language through metal rings that protrude from the flat rear.

When it comes to colors, the S22 came in 5 colors, including black, white, purple, green, and pink gold. According to rumors, the Galaxy S23 will come in four primary hues: black, pink, green, and beige. However, as with its predecessors, we are confident that it will also be offered at with a few additional exclusive ones.

Performance and Software

Since Qualcomm has just announced the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and there are some bombastic promises, We do anticipate a performance increase for the Galaxy S23 series. To spice that up, we will reportedly stop categorizing Galaxy S phones into “Exynos versions and Snapdragon variants” starting in 2023, according to rumors. It is said that the Snapdragon CPU will be available in all areas.

This is crucial since the Exynos and Snapdragon chips differ not only in terms of raw performance but also in how they handle camera pictures. This has caused a great deal of confusion online.


While reports claim that the Galaxy S23 Ultra would have a 200 MP sensor, it appears that the ordinary S23’s camera module won’t change. According to the most recent reports, the Galaxy S23 will have the same triple camera setup as its predecessor: a 50 MP main camera, a 12 MP ultra-wide camera, and a 10 MP telephoto camera.

Naturally, post-processing can now be improved, especially with the new Qualcomm chip. But it’s still unclear whether the two phones’ photo quality will differ significantly from one another. “No” is our best guess. We are not skeptics, but rather because the Galaxy S22’s camera is already excellent.

There might be a few improvements, though as rumors claim that the Galaxy S23 will sport a new 12 MP selfie camera, which is marginally more advanced than the S22’s front camera’s 10 MP sensor. Will that really matter that much? Most likely not, but if it is real, we are interested to know why Samsung made this minor adjustment.

Audio Quality and Haptics

There might be a few improvements, though. According to rumors, the Galaxy S23 will sport a new 12 MP selfie camera, which is marginally more advanced than the S22’s front camera’s 10 MP sensor. Will that really matter that much? Most likely not, but if it is real, we are interested to know why Samsung made this minor adjustment.

Regarding haptics, for the past few years, the premium Galaxy phones have been clicking and clacking with a really pleasing and comforting feedback. Over the years, Samsung (and other Android phone manufacturers) kind of battled to get the vibration right, but we are pleased to report that they are getting it right today.

Battery Life and Charging

Since the Galaxy S23’s battery will be somewhat bigger, measuring 3,900mAh as opposed to 3,700mAh in the Galaxy S22. This seems like there will be a jump in terms of energy efficiency of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Price comparison

For the 8GB 128GB variant, the Samsung Galaxy S22 was launched at a Php 45,990 price tag and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S23 for the same variant is currently costing Php 53,990 which is quite a jump from the previous model.

To check out the full specs of the S22 and the S23, Click this link : Full specs

Samsung Galaxy S23 Full Specs

Samsung Galaxy S22 Full Specs


Should you purchase a Galaxy S23 as soon as it becomes available? No, early data indicate. However, the truth is that smartphone technology is now rather advanced, so we can’t really anticipate significant advancements every year. And happily, given how expensive smartphones have grown.


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