Scam Alert: Tech House, Gadget Mix, JK Gadgets

A few people have been misguided about buying “legitimate” products online. Reports from multiple people have been spreading in anti- “fake online shopping pages” groups on Facebook.

These people say something along the lines of “bought a product from ganitong page, pero hindi pala totoo.” Even Eri Neeman, a celebrity host with close to 300,000 followers has spoken up about wanting to take down Tech House PH. 

A lot of people have already reported the page, and thankfully, wala na ang mga pages na ‘to that took advantage of people believing they were buying legitimate products.

Tech House, Gadget Mix, and JK Gadgets. JK Gadgets is not to be confused with JK Gadget, with the latter being a legitimate Facebook page and online business. JK Gadget PH is also not affiliated at hindi legitimate business.

Tech House scam
Tech House “official” Facebook page
Tech House scam
Image courtesy of said Facebook page complainant
Tech House scam
Gadget Mix “official” Facebook page…not
JK Gadget Tech House
JK Gadget, not to be confused with fake JK Gadgets

A Facebook user was also involved in the situation without her knowing:

These pages on Facebook scam people by posting misleading information about their products. 

One of the most sought-after products that they took advantage of was the PS5. However, they don’t sell the PS5. They sell items that look like Playstation 5’s. PS5s are limited in stock, that’s why it’s also highly-sought after.

As far as reading comments on the incidents surrounding the notorious Facebook pages, these businesses do not have a physical store. They operate solely online.

There’s a strong “support group” for the investigation for the scammer, and nandito na lahat ng updates:

These scams have been operating since last year, peaking only during December, a time when people are very excited to buy presents or are ready to spend their hard-earned money.

Since PS5, iPhones, and other electronic devices were in big demand during the Holiday season last year, especially since people have been saving up for what they want (pampalubag-loob sa limitations ng budget nuong pandemic), online transactions ran rampant. These include both legitimate and non-legitimate businesses.

You can avoid these situations by checking if the page has a verified mark (check) sa Facebook. Most legitimate businesses will send you a copy of a contract and other legal papers if they offer installments PRIOR to payments.

It’s actually better to have a third-party financer handle the money-side of things, as well as the papers, as these institutions have registration papers and permits with the SEC.

Number one suggestion para iwas budol: do not shell out money if you feel the slightest hint of doubt. 

Ingat-ingat sa shopping, and stick with physical stores which offer COD, or at least offer other means of payments that involve lots of papers. At least, legitimate.


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