Sexy Time With Dead by Daylight Killers

What makes games exciting is the element of surprise. For RPG games, it’s about exploring areas, learning new skills, and finding better loot. For co-op games, Among Us effectively demonstrates how camouflage and deception give players newfound excitement.

But if you’re looking for something new and something more graphic, all the while exploring the limits of how far you can scare your teammates to death, Dead by Daylight is your go-to-game. 

Play as a survivor, or better yet, play as one of these killers.

But veteran horror gamers even get used to the jitters and adrenaline rush brought on by the hack-and-slash genre. That’s why it’s important to take a break from the horror genre, and explore new games.

Fortunately, somebody had the time to make a dating sim for Dead by Daylight.

Watch the trailer here: 

If you’re secretly simping for any of the killers, this is the chance to get to know them more. Hooked on You will be available on Steam this summer. The game is an interactive text-based RPG where you get to know each killer’s personality and their preferences for dating.

Remember that this is still Dead by Daylight, and in Murderer’s Island, you have to be careful with the choices that you make or risk getting hacked to death. Otherwise, it’s all just good times with the four killers trying to find love.

So gear up with your insights on love, dating, and relationships, and make your Dead by Daylight fantasy come true! Visit the games’ website here for more details.


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