Sony Promises to Make More PS5s

CEO Jim Ryan says the company will increase the production of PS5 to meet customer demands. The company was only able to sell 2 million units in the last quarter. Sales for PS5 were weaker compared to PS4, the latter over numbering it by 3.4 million units.

The main reason for the PS5’s fewer sales was not because of lower consumer demand, but more of the logistics issues brought on by the pandemic. Sony also stated that there is still strong demand for the PS5, to which they added that the PS5 units will sell faster than PS4 in a matter of minutes versus days.

The company is also planning to change its strategies in distribution by relying more on multiple suppliers to avoid the complexities of logistics. Aside from the pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine also had an effect on shipments of the PS5 units.

Part of the reason why Sony plans to increase PS5 production is not only due to high consumer demand, but they found out that players were spending more time playing games on the PS5. 

If this is because of the time provided by the pandemic or if the quality of games has increased, Sony plans to take advantage of this financial opportunity. The company also saw an increase in the number of spending gamers had on PS5 compared to PS4. The jump the company saw in spending was fifteen percent higher. 

Even though the number of PS5 units sold didn’t reach its highest potential, Sony reports that the number of PS5 users has increased to around 84 million. The number is twice as much as the 36 million users in PS4’s second year.

Whether or not PS5 will be available to consumers this year, SONY is optimistic about its promises. Sony currently has an ongoing event, the Days of Play 2022 sales event, where players can save money on different game titles like Dying Light 2 Stay Human and Far Cry.


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