Starlink Php 28k internet might not be for the Philippines! Here is why

Starlink, Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s satellite internet service, just went operational in the Philippines, according to a tweet from the company. In the past, Starlink and the national government have discussed selling satellite internet to Filipinos.

SpaceX tweet announcing the launching of Starlink

In the Philippines, the subject of internet access is still contentious. Customers will pay more to connect to services supplied by major telco providers, and internet speeds are slower than those available in adjacent nations.

Customers in the Philippines can expect to pay an initial price of $599 for each satellite unit and $99 per month for connectivity service with a 200 Mbps download speed from Starlink. This might be a problem since the market in the Philippines already offers internet services with internet speeds surpassing 200mb for a lesser price. 

Starlink Satelink for high-speed internet connection

On the other side, a certain group of consumers will always be willing to spend a few extra pesos just to hop on the trend of the most affluent/trendy, popular devices, products, or services. I guess time will tell.

Silver lining

According to the order form, residents of Quezon City may use Starlink internet, however, they must pay a one-time charge of P29,320 for the gear, which includes a satellite dish, and P2,700 per month for the service. Shipping is not included in these costs.

To see previous stories about the company and their activities in the Philippines, Click here: SpaceX Starlink


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