How to register your SIM card numbers in the Philippines

As the Republic Act No. 11938 was recently passed, every subscriber is required to register their SIM cards as a measure to combat and reduce cybercrime. Unregistered numbers will be deactivated by April 26 2023. Below are the steps you can take to register your Globe, Smart, TnT, Dito, and TM sim card prepaid and […]

DITO’s Flash 5G Home Postpaid Wi-Fi now available

Enjoy the power of 5G with DITO’s new Flash 5G Home Wi-Fi Postpaid now available to purchase What is the difference between a regular prepaid one and DITO’s new postpaid? You don’t have to load and subscribe to a promo, nor suffer through quick load expirations. You’ll be billed monthly just like a regular postpaid. […]

Piso Promo From Dito Until March 31


DITO network subscribers will be able to purchase 1GB of data for only 1 peso, and the promo will last from March 27 to March 31. Meron pang two days ang mga DITO users to avail of the promo. In fact, the telecom announced that users will be able to avail of said promo at […]