iPhone 14 price reduced by up to $125 in China!

Sources claim that Apple has substantially reduced the price of iPhone 14 models in China by up to $125 (850 yuan) in order to increase sales after it revealed a fall in revenue for the holiday quarter. For the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models, Apple’s online stores displayed a markdown of 800 yuan […]

Greenhills iPhones updated price list

We all know how good the iphone prices are in Greenhills, it’s the single best place to get an iphone with the most affordable prices while still getting a legit apple warranty. The prices of iPhones drastically change each time Apple release a series of new iPhones. Last year we saw the launch of the […]

Are iPhones from Greenhills stolen?

It is possible that some iPhones sold at Greenhills Shopping Center in the Philippines may be stolen. However, it is also possible that the iPhones are legitimate and obtained through legal means. After visiting GreenHills and having some conversations with some of the sellers there, here is what we learnt. Why do people buy iPhones […]

Someone actually modded a regular iPhone to be foldable

Yes, someone did make an iPhone from a regular bar form factor to a foldable phone, and it’s fully functional…to see is to believe! This appears to be a modified iPhone that can be folded effortlessly. A video posted by 9to5Mac claims that as Apple fans wait impatiently for a foldable iPhone, one user out […]

iPhone 14 Series to officially launch in PH on October 14th

Have you already sold your kidneys and prize possessions, found yourself a new sugar partner for the iPhone 14? Just kidding, October 14 is the date it will officially arrive here in the Philippines! Based on trusted sources, Apple is finally bringing the iPhone 14 Series to Filipino consumers on October 14 via pre-orders. For […]

iPhone 14 is just a rebranded iPhone 13

The base model of the newest iPhone 14 is great and all but the upgrades are almost little to none when it comes to its internals and specs. It does have some improvements when it comes to the camera department. iPhone 14 Design The design is the exact copy of its previous iteration, it even […]

iPhone 14 Launch Date, In-Announce Na Finally!

Behold Apple fans, for months we are seeking for the latest updates about the release of iPhone 14 series, may mga speculations, tsismis at whatnot, pero finally, Apple has released the date for this! Eto na, Apple just announced that September 7th is the day on which malalaman na natin ang balita all about the […]

iPhone 14 Pro – the Latest Leaks and Rumors, Uncovered!

Get ready for the freshest, the latest, and the most hyped rumors and leaks from the Silicon Valley mga Apple fans! Ang iPhone 14 Pro na yata ang mababansagang “the best ever iPhone” na gagawin ng Apple, mula sa kakaibang disenyo na talagang magbibigay ng distinctiveness nito kumpara sa iPhone 13 Pro, ang mga nasagap […]

iPhone 14 LEAKS!

May mga leaks na sa upcoming iPhone 14! Malaki ang pagbabago neto from the previous iPhone na si iPhone 13 dahil iniba dito ang design at marami pa! Lahat ng eto ay leaks pa lang naman things can still change but this is what we know so far. Watch here:

iPhone 14: Leaked details about the new iPhone

iPhone 14 is probably the most anticipated phone in 2022 because it is an Apple product and it is rumored to receive massive upgrades! iPhone 14 Concept Design The new iPhone 14 is rumored to have a design of an iPhone 12 crossed with an iPhone 4 because of its flat edges. The edges could […]