Nothing to POVA Mobile: “Ask next time if you want to copy our homework”

Nothing retweets(reX or Xre whatever) a POVA Mobile tweet(X) wherein they revealed the LED lights of the POVA 5 Pro, which is a little-bit similar to the Nothing Phones Nothing retweeted Tecno’s teaser video for the Pova 5 Pro, which showcased the LED lighting system of the phone. In a witty tweet, Nothing retweeted the […]

Nothing CEO not happy with Nothing Phone (2) Reviews

Carl Pei, the CEO of Nothing, has reacted to the reviews of the Nothing Phone (2). In a video posted to YouTube, Pei said that he was “generally happy” with the reviews, but that there were a few key issues that he wanted to address Are the reviews well enough to be considered as positive […]

Nothing’s Ear (Stick) TWS, launch date revealed

The first Nothing Ear (1) looks like a make-up container, the Nothing Ear (Stick) looks like well…a lipstick After he debut of Nothing Phone (1) months ago, the company known as Nothing spearheaded by former OnePlus CEO Carl Pei reveals the Nothing Ear (Stick) in which the container resembles a lipstick at first glance. The […]

Nothing Earphones Then, Nothing Phone (1) Now!

Nothing, the OnePlus’ co-founder Car Pei’s other company, released the brand’s first phone on July 12. Is the Nothing 1 can live up to its expectations? The Nothing company had made something (pun intended) great with its earphones. But it wants more, they’re entering the smartphone market with their debut model, the Nothing 1. It […]

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