Samsung still pushing for SoC glory for 2025: no more Qualcomm chips for their flagships

It seems like Samsung isn’t giving up the dreams of creating their very own in-house chipset for their flagships without the performance and heating issues, and they might achieve that in 2025 Recently, there have been rumors that Samsung’s smartphone division is working on its own flagship chip. According to recent reports, the company may […]

Samsung’s new smartphone which costs Php 5,880!

Samsung revealed the details of its brand-new phone, the Galaxy M04 which it will release with competitive features and pricing. According to the information, the new Galaxy M04 phone will have a structure that is resistant to rain and dust, as well as a 6.5-inch PLS LCD screen with a resolution of 1699/720 pixels, a […]

Samsung Galaxy M04 with Helio G35 SoC appears on Google Play Console

Yep, this is a variant of another variant of another variant, and with a measly Helio G35 processor, this’ll be another budget affair In October, Samsung introduced the Galaxy A04 and the Galaxy A04e, and it is currently aiming to expand its lineup with a third very similar model. Galaxy M04, a handset with the […]