The second year of VALORANT CHAMPIONStour is here! Merong 48 teams na mag cocompete in order to fight for a playoff spot this June. 2022 VCT CHALLENGERS STAGE 2 There are 8 teams from the Southeast Asia that are qualified in the VCT isa na ang Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and etc. Sobrang exciting […]

VALORANT Night Market Pabalik na!

The VALORANT Night Market is coming back sooner than we think! Handa na ba ang mga bulsa niyo? The Night Market’s comeback is unexpected! Ang pagbabalik ng Night Market sa VALORANT ay malapit na it will be available in May 18 2022, sana maganda maging Night Market niyo! The skins in this game are not […]

RGX 2.0 New Skins sa VALORANT!

The new RGX 2.0 Skins are coming to VALORANT! It will be released on April 27, 2022 it is Episode 4 Act 3 of VALORANT. The new bundle is probably one of the best that Riot Games has released in this year and the first RGX bundle was one of the best selling bundles in […]

VALORANT: New Agent “Fade”

A new agent will be released in VALORANT! “Fade” is an Turkish agent and a Initiator that can possibly replace SOVA! We will have to wait and see if this new agent can change the meta of the game. Fade’s Abilities • (C) Ability 1 – Prowler (300 credits): FIRE after equipping to send a […]

Valorant Mobile May Testing na!

Marami ang excited sa release ng Valorant Mobile dahil isa ito sa pinaka sikat na FPS game sa PC. May leaks na lumabas na the game is already being tested for the mobile version! As you can see, the game looks like the PC version of Valorant. Kumpleto rin ang mga skills ni jett at […]

Valorant Mobile Gameplay: Perfect FPS game sa mobile?!

Valorant has taken the world by storm within a year of its launch on the game and quickly became the #1FPS competitive esport title, the hype of this game is legit! Riot games is very serious about Valorant and they are looking to expand the game and porting Valorant on mobile devices. VALORANT Mobile Release […]


Valorant is expected to launch on mobile soon and here’s what you need to know about Valorant Mobile. Valorant was launched on PC and the game has become one of the best FPS games for a long time. This game has become a popular game on the PC platform. The developers are said to put […]