Top 10 YouTubers in the Philippines 2022 besides Unbox Diaries

As YouTube continues to grow, many creators in the Philippines have managed to stay consistent riding the wave creating amazing content. This is a list of the top YouTube creators in 2022 depending on how much their videos trended throughout the year other than Unbox Diaries. Filipino bloggers, travelers, celebrities, and people who disseminate critical […]

YouTube plans to put 4K resolution option behind a paywall

Would that really even matter if you have a 720p smartphone display? Well, no. But Susan and her friends is getting a tad greedier these days perhaps. Ah yes, YouTube: the number one video-sharing platform in the world, and in history. But recently, the mega company plans to put the 4K resolution option behind a […]

Youtube Go Says Goodbye

There’s a lightweight version for everything kahit pa Facebook yan, Instagram, Google Chrome, and even Youtube. Most of these apps are installed in budget-entry level phones from the last 5 years (not including 2021) since they take up much less storage space. One of these apps is Youtube Go. This app allows users to control […]