TECNO POVA Neo: This is Why it’s Called the “Battery King”

Tecno Pova Neo
Remember those days na tinawag ang Zenfone Max as the battery kings? Since nag retire na ang Zenfone Max series, may bago na tayong title holder: TECNO POVA Neo.

There’s only one reason why it’s called the battery king: for a price of around PHP5000, you’re getting a phone with a big screen, and an even bigger battery. The TECNO POVA Neo has features that make it the current title holder for “Battery King” in the budget, entry-level section of smartphones.

Battery Type

For starters, the battery type used by the TECNO POVA Neo is a Li-Po or a lithium polymer battery. Wala nang bago dito – it’s the most commonly used form of battery type in phones. Li-Po batteries ang ginagamit in most phones because its safer and doesn’t overheat.

Li-ion batteries (lithium ion batteries) produce more energy and store more energy than LiPo batteries, but they tend to overheat, and overheating would usually affect battery life.

Li-Ion battery, less safe than TECNO POVA Neo’s Li-po battery

TECNO POVA’s Li-Po batteries don’t overheat as much as Li-ion batteries, kaya naman pwede mo iexpect na mas matagal ang “life expectancy” or longevity ng battery neto compared to phones equipped with the non-Li-po.

And what’s good is that Li-Po batteries, even though mas mahal i-manufacture, eventually found its way to TECNO POVA Neo, so the company is giving you a good deal in terms of battery.

Charging Speed

There’s a big debate pagdating sa charging. Some people prefer fast charging, and some people are okay with mabagal na charging.

The most common reason why people would say they want fast charging is because it’s already 2022, and we’ve already made strides in terms of fast charging. Totoo ‘yun – just look at flagship and some mid-range phones that have 120W fast charging, or 60W fast charging.

What they don’t tell you is that the speed of charging actually affects battery life. These flagship smartphones’ life expectancy (not just the battery) will decline in 2 or 3 years time, but what if you don’t want to replace your phone every 2 years? 

That’s exactly what TECNO POVA Neo has in mind: bibili ka lang minsan ng TECNO POVA Neo and you can keep it for long. The 18W fast charging delivers the right amount of  power to the battery without making the phone short-lived.

TECNO POVA Neo battery test
The TECNO POVA Neo still uses a micro-usb port for charging for the huge 6000mAh battery

The TECNO POVA Neo’s 6000mAh battery charges safely with the 18W fast charger, kahit na micro-USB port pa ang gamit.

The TECNO POVA Neo takes more than two full hours to charge pero if its good for two or three day’s use, then the short wait is worth it. 

To charge the TECNO POVA Neo faster, we suggest turning off all network connectivity features (or simply set it to airplane mode), then just wait for the battery to charge fully.

Battery-Efficient Display

Syempre gusto rin ng TECNO POVA Neo na ma-maximize ang capabilities ng phone. With a 6.8” display, we’d expect faster battery drain. Dahil hindi rin AMOLED ang display ng TECNO POVA Neo, we’re doubtful if the battery will really last. But a closer look at the resolution tells us everything.

The TECNO POVA Neo uses a 720 by 1640 display kaya hindi malakas humatak ng power. The less pixels there are, the less energy it has to consume. Compare this to Quad HD displays or 1350×2400 resolution screens, and there will be a difference.

The only downside is that the display uses an IPS LCD which is less power-efficient compared to an AMOLED display, but this is an entry-level phone so it’s not a big deal either.

Energy-efficient Chipset (HyperEngine/Intelligent Power Management)

This is probably the most difficult choice for TECNO to make. They installed a Helio G25 chipset on the TECNO POVA Neo. It’s a gaming chipset, pero medyo “dated” na. However, at PHP5,999.00, it isn’t too bad of a choice either. The Helio G25 has its perks like the HyperEngine and Intelligent Power Management software.

TECNO POVA Neo battery test
Mediatek Helio G25 gaming chipset

The TECNO POVA Neo isn’t so bad afterall when compared to other phones. The Redmi 9A, for example, is equipped with the very same Helio G25, pero lugi pa rin sa battery, and at the same storage configuration (4GB | 64GB), the Redmi phone is almost double the price of POVA Neo.

When comparing the POVA Neo to the realme C11, the latter has a better processor, but still doesn’t come equipped with a 6000mAh battery. The realme C11 is it’s toughest competition, but we’re talking about battery life, and the TECNO POVA Neo is already leaving good impressions with the numbers.

Actual Battery Test

We’ve done a battery drain test on the TECNO POVA Neo and with other phones. With the combination of an energy-efficient display, an intelligent chipset, and and a modest charging speed, talagang tatagal ‘to sa mga users who want the most out of their smartphone’s battery.




And the winner is:

TECNO POVA Neo battery test
TECNO POVA Neo wins! 24% at 7 hours+


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