TECNO Spark 10: Off to a great start (Unboxing and first impressions)

Read on as we unbox the first in our three-part unboxing/first impressions series with the TECNO Spark 10 Series!

Here it is; we will unbox the vanilla TECNO Spark 10 in its glory, boasting a good set of features for an affordable price point.

But since this is just an unboxing/first impressions article, you need to wait a while for the entire review. Think of this as a preview of what you expect from this device.

All three TECNO Spark 10 Series versions have identical box designs with subtle hints that indicate what makes them different.

For example, the TECNO Spark 10 5G has raised grooves resembling an art-deco style, hinting at the phone’s hip and preppy look.

But this phone doesn’t have the advantage of being expressive since it’s the default variant– stripped down. It aims for minimalism and simplicity, which is a commendable choice.

All those budget phones from yesteryear trying to allure customers like a peacock trying to find a partner don’t help much since the fad nowadays is towards the refined smartphone look.

Same as before, the box art shows the device’s name and its extended RAM feature. However, no Hi-Res Audio speaker sticker can be found, which is understandable since you have to pay extra to get that one.

It is practically identical to the other Spark 10 variants: vibrant packaging with the number 10 towering like a tall building to create a sense of epicness and scale.

On the back, the main specs are found like the 50MP primary sensor + 8MP combo, 5,000mAh battery with 18W fast charge, 6.6-inch HD+ screen (which directly translates to a 720p display resolution) with 90Hz refresh rate, and its ‘iconic design’ which we suspect as having an iPhone-esque design.

Inside, you will find the typical standard TECNO packaging layout, but you’d notice the cost-cutting this device has over its 5G brother. Instead of a separate tray, we have the infamous “Lamborghini doors” to take one for the team.

You might count this as a hot take– but we believe this open-hatch tray design is much more logical than the paper tray one. And yes, we are dying on that hill.

There’s the phone itself as you open the box, then some expected paperwork, a standard clear jelly case that has more flex than its 5G and Pro siblings (take a shot every time we say cost-cutting), some generic-looking earphones, the 18W charging brick, and Type-C cord.

Wait, there’s a sim ejector pin as well. There’s no fancy box for the cable and earphones due to the *sigh* cost-cutting and the contents scattered within the box’s confinements.

So that you know, now we need to move on with discussing the phone itself. After removing the plastic sleeve, we are treated to a back design that oozes style, elegance, and refinement.

We are starting to believe that maybe the Spark 10 4G will benefit more if they swap techniques with the Huawei-like Spark 10 Pro 5G. But that isn’t the case since this design choice works wonders for this unit.

Despite only having a plastic back, it feels like glass but doesn’t react as one with the streaks and issues because of its tasteful frosted finish. It feels fantastic, and the camera bumps directly inspired by the Big Apple also look refreshing.

This recreation feels like a faithful rendition rather than just copying for the sake of, well… copying. Three big bumps match the Spark 10’s ambitions and prove that you can copy a design while simultaneously making a whole new identity.

Same as the Spark 10 Pro 5G, the left side houses the two SIM trays and a dedicated slot for microSD slot– TLDR: We think we should see more of what the TECNO Spark 10 offers in more devices.

The right side has the volume rockers and power button, doubling as a fingerprint scanner.

The top portion is a desolate landscape, while the bottom is like a lush forest filled with flora and fauna: an earphone jack, a Type-C port, and a single down-firing speaker.

Let’s move to its display: we are greeted by the Spark 10’s 6.6-inch, 720p display with a fluid 90Hz refresh rate, a step up over the past models. TECNO did their homework.

Again, as with the Spark 10 5G, the panel used on this phone doesn’t look like a 720p display because of its vibrance and responsiveness.

Watching videos, doing social media here, and even playing games will surely be a delight.

We won’t even bother commenting on its waterdrop notch and sizable chin because again… cost-cutting is the name of the game here. The compromises are understandable, even justified.

Even though the bezels are not that thin, that tech is still reserved for mid-rangers and flagships of the year, so we have to wait a couple of years before this becomes a reality to budget phone consumers.

Aside from that, we live in the past with all those crazy big bezels with funky configurations, so we’re sure you can survive this sort of ‘first-world dilemmas’ like complaining about the screen-to-body ratio.

The still-unknown processor is pretty snappy, and lag isn’t an issue here, and with 128GB of storage, you’ll never miss this.

And that’s it for now for the TECNO Spark 10– we firmly believe that this smartphone is one of the best entry-level devices right now, and despite all the ‘compromises,’ we should look past it because it’s so affordable and you can’t demand more of what TECNO has to offer for us. 


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