TECNO Spark 10C Review! – An iPhone on an entry-level Android phone!

The newest entry for the Spark 10 smartphone lineup from TECNO! Would it be a great enough appetizer for the Spark 10 smartphone lineup? Or just something to fill the void?

TECNO is a smartphone company that had modest beginnings but rapidly established a reputation for providing inexpensive handsets for the general public with sparking features. Can they sustain their pattern? Or this will not be enough?

First off, is its box!

The phone’s box has a striking resemblance with other Spark 10 phones because of course, the TECNO Spark 10C is their youngest sibling. It has a striking orange accent for its logo, model name, and series name. It boasts a minimalistic style that shows TECNO’s dedication to quality with its phones.

The box highlights the absurd amount of storage the phone has for its price point. It boasts a whopping 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

On the box’s back, there are tons of information regarding the phone’s various specifications and features such as its selfie flash, camera setup, display and much more.

And yet another highlight of the device’s main selling features, its storage combo and camera setup.

With the unboxing out of the way, here is a quick overview of TECNO Spark 10C’s specs!


For the design, the TECNO Spark 10C heavily resembles an iPhone 14. As seen with its camera island, it heavily accentuates the fact that it is inspired by the iPhone.

It can be seen that the phone has a plastic body, with the sim card tray located on its left side, the volume rocker and the power button on its right, and lastly, the USB Type-C 2.0 port is located below alongside the loudspeaker and the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The back has a glossy finish, and it really feels cheap. It has a premium-like look but that is all it can offer. It can be easily smudged with dirt and fingerprints.

Well, TECNO has done a tremendous job with this phone in terms of its design, which was greatly influenced by the iPhone 14 Pro Max for those iPhone aficionados out there. The TECNO Spark 10C and the iPhone 14 Pro Max from last year’s review are sides by side in the images above there are almost no difference right?


Upon flipping the phone to show its display, the magic is gone, and all we see is somewhat reminiscent of a regular Android device. We can’t help but notice how thick the bottom bezel is once the gadget is turned on. 

The smartphone’s chin is more prominent compared to other mid-rangers but the side ones are not that thick. This serves as a reminder that the phone isn’t as high-end as its solid frame and rear would have you believe. 

The smartphone sports a 6.6-inch, 90Hz refresh rate IPS LCD screen which allows a decent viewing experience but the viewing angles could be better. A smoother scrolling experience is made possible by having a faster refresh rate, which reduces those annoying and frustrating periods. 

These days, the basic minimum resolution is also 1080P, but this phone only has 720P which is understandable really, for TECNO really pushed the hardware to its limit for its price.


Well, this is a budget phone so we can not really expect great-quality photos from it. The colors are washed, and it looks muted and dead. It just, looks sad, really.

It is dreadful for taking pictures in low light. Poor overall quality,too much noise, and poor photo quality.

The portrait mode leaves nothing to be desired. Even while it performs a good job of concentrating on the primary subject, it really needs excellent lighting and exposure to take even passably good pictures. It really suffers when the lighting is bad.

If there is enough light, the selfie camera is also passable and can take passable pictures. It is perfect, and we venture to claim that TECNO focused more on improving the performance of the selfie camera than the back cameras.

PERFORMANCE (Gaming + Battery)

We have been able to learn a little bit about the phone, but there isn’t much information available about the CPU. It includes an 8+128GB storage combination in addition to a Unisoc Tiger T606 processor, which is only adequate for most tasks and minor multi-tasking.

The phone scored 208853 on the AnTuTu benchmark test that we ran on it. This is neither high nor low. enough to play the majority of 2D and 3D games on low-quality settings. This AnTuTu score is enough to run Mobile Legends effectively at 60FPS.

The phone’s 5000 mah battery is enough to last for a whole day and a number of hours when gaming. It also has a relatively good charging speed of 18W – it is really great.


The phone has loudspeakers, and they are adequate for most media. The quality is not really great, just decent enough to be heard within a room. The quality deteriorates the higher the volume is.

The lack of stereo quality and less immersive sound quality compared to other phones with dual speakers is also highly noticeable. 


The User experience is just quite alright, scrolling through the home screen is smooth as butter but when riddled with notifications and other pop-ups, there will be noticeable lag.

The phone runs on Android with HiOS 8.6 which is decent, there are a number of customization options and there is also some bloatware. Advertisements can also be seen sometimes. It is a good habit to clean up the phone’s bloatware as soon as it is possible to prevent any frustrations when using the phone.

What we like:

  • iPhone-like design
  • Superb storage
  • USB Type-C 2.0 port
  • Decent selfie camera quality
  • Decent battery capacity and charging speed

What we don’t like:

  • Unisoc T606 processor
  • Thick bezels and prominent chin
  • Poor rear camera quality
  • Bloatware and ads
  • Easily smudged


Actually, the phone is a wonderful deal at the pricing point. You can get a functional phone that can do day-to-day tasks for a very modest cost. Additionally, it works admirably for well-known titles like Mobile Legends. Its big storage capacity is also a major feature because it enables users to download more media and apps for personal usage. This makes it ideal for online learning as well.

In order to further reduce the price, TECNO made significant sacrifices to the CPU, display quality, and back camera, but overall, for a phone at this price, all of the features and specifications are worth the money.

For the full specs, click below:


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