Tecno Spark Go 2023 vs Redmi 12C

Both Tecno and Redmi recently released entry-level phones, the Spark Go 2023 and the Redmi 12C. We shall compare them even with a noticeable price difference because why not?

SpecsTecno Spark Go 2023Redmi 12C
CPUMediatek Helio A22 (12 nm)MediaTek Helio G85 (12 nm)
DISPLAY6.56 in 720p IPS LCD6.71 in 720p IPS LCD
CAMERA13 + 0.08MP rear / 5MP front50 + 0.08MP rear / 5MP front
OSAndroid 12, HIOS 12Android 12, MIUI 13
BATTERY5000 mAh, non-removable5000mAh Li-Po 10W
USBUSB Type-C 2.0, OTGmicroUSB 2.0, OTG


This match up is actually tough because both displays have the same resolution, the difference in size is relatively small, but still significant. The 6.71-inch display on the Redmi 12C has a larger viewing area, which could make it easier to read text, view images, and watch videos.


The two camera setups differ in their specifications, particularly in the main rear camera. The 50 + 0.08MP on the Redmi 12C setup implies that the main rear camera has a resolution of 50 megapixels, while a secondary camera has a resolution of 0.08 megapixels. The 50-megapixel camera will be responsible for capturing the primary image, while the 0.08-megapixel depth camera will capture macro shots

On the TECNO Spark Go 2023, there is also a 0.08MP secondary camera which still helps capture other details. However its 13MP main camera is inferior to Redmi 12C’s 50MP main camera.

Operating system

Both Operating Systems are almost the same and offer the same level of function. Perhaps the only difference would be that MIUI 13 seems to come with more bloatware compared to HIOS 12. The bad things about that is that, you receive less storage due to the pre-installed apps.


The Redmi 12C sports a Mediatek Helio G85 chipset, which significantly increases its capabilities over the TECNO Spark Go 2023 which has a Mediatek A22 chipset. Due to its increased clock speeds, the Mediatek Helio G85 is more powerful than the Mediatek A22 chipset and can adequately power the phone for a variety of tasks like gaming and multitasking.

USB Port

TECNO Spark 2023 has a USB Type-C 2.0, OTG which is better than microUSB 2.0, OTG for a few reasons:

  • USB Type-C 2.0 is reversible, meaning that it can be plugged in either way, making it more user-friendly and convenient.
  • USB Type-C 2.0 supports faster data transfer rates than microUSB 2.0. USB Type-C 2.0 can transfer data at up to 10 Gbps, while microUSB 2.0 is limited to a maximum data transfer rate of 480 Mbps.
  • USB Type-C 2.0 supports faster charging speeds than microUSB 2.0. Despite both phones having the same charging speed of 10W on paper, Type C is definitely a better option in the long run also because of durability.
  • USB Type-C 2.0 supports a wide range of protocols and standards, including Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort, and HDMI, which makes it more versatile than microUSB 2.0.
  • USB Type-C 2.0 supports USB On-The-Go (OTG) functionality, which allows devices to act as a host and connect to other USB devices, such as flash drives, keyboards, and mice.


The Redmi 12C is Php 1,800 more costly than the TECNO Spark Go 2023 which is significant.


For this match up, the Redmi 12 is the clear winner because even if it is more expensive, its hardware is more capable than the TECNO Spark Go 2023. Even though the TECNO Spark Go also has a USB Type-C, it still wouldn’t be a better option for smartphones users that prefer good performance for a decent price. However, the Redmi 12C’s micro USB 2.0 port is a touch bothersome, so some people might choose the TECNO Spark Go just for its USB Type-C port.


Update: the Philippine release of Infinix Smart 7 swapped the Helio A22 chipset for a UNISOC SC9863A, but in terms of processing power versus the Helio A22, there’s not much difference besides the Unisoc one has an octa-core build to it. So in the end, our critique still applies whether it’s an Helio A22 or UNISOC SC9863A one.


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