The First TSMC 3NM and 2NM Chips Will Be Made in Taiwan

There’s a global shortage of chips happening, and the increasing demand for better phones are pushing manufacturers to increase device prices. However, TSMC is addressing that shortage by putting up more production sites in Tainan.

TSMC already completed four production sites in an industrial park in Taiwan, and they’re adding four more that will each cost up to $10 billion.  These four new production sites will start making 3nm chipsets, so we  can expect to see newer iterations of either Snapdragon 8 Gen series or Apple Bionic chips. 

In fact, the company said that they plan on producing 2nm chipsets by 2025. 

TSMC has other production sites outside of Taiwan. One other factory in Arizona will be completed by 2023. The Arizona site is estimated to cost USD12 billion. 

Research on 2nm chips already began way before the production sites were finished. As far as 2019, TSMC has researched into GAAFET transistors from FinFET, which is the current and most commonly used type of tech for chipsets.

Even though chipset shortage is causing problems with phone production, the competition to make smaller transistors is still ongoing, as Microsoft plans on making 1.4nm transistors by 2029.



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