Top 10 Apps that drain the most battery

When it comes to the battery life and drainage topic, it is a bit complicated to come up with a common ground for the Top 10 Apps that drain the most battery . This is because the issue is subjective to various factors like battery capacity, chipset,personal app usage variations and so on.

Our curiosity led us to investigate which apps are the biggest culprits when it comes to hogging our phone battery. According a comprehensive study of the most popular apps by other publishers, this list the Top 10 list of apps that suck the life out of our batteries faster than a thirsty vampire at a blood bank.

PS: Keep it in mind that this list depends on your app usage criteria. You can check in the settings to see which apps are specifically draining the most amount of batter in your device. Here is a screenshot which revealed the culprit which drains my battery the most : not surprised hahaha

The Apps that drain the most battery on my phone
10. TikTokSocial Media
9. BBC NewsNews
8. FlipboardNews
7. Google NewsNews
6. WhatsAppSocial Media
5. MessengerSocial Media
4. FacebookSocial Media
3. YouTubeSocial Media
2. NetflixStreaming
1.SnapchatSocial Media

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