Top 5 Highest Grossing Apps from Playstore In the Philippines 2022

As the year ends, some apps have moved app the leaderboard of the Top grossing apps while some have plummeted. Let us take a look at the Apps that performed at the highest level, grossing the highest, as per the ranking on Similar Web.

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

As of June 2022, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang generated $317.7 million over the past 12 months, accounting for approximately 32% of player spending in ByteDance’s mobile games. As of June 2022, Mobile Legends owner ByteDance’s portfolio of mobile games has generated over $1 billion globally from player spending across the App Store and Google Play during the past 12 months. 

The game was also averaging a total of 78 to 82 million users every month and just above 13 million users on a daily basis hence earning it the top spot on the highest grossing apps in the Philippines in 2022.

2. Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena 

Call of Duty has a lot of titles under its belt, from the original Call of Duty series to Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and several other standalone games. So, with all of these variations, how big was the Call of Duty player base especially in 2022?

The game’s Mobile developer Activision Blizzard reported 372 million monthly active users for the first quarter of 2022 world wide and a big chunk of that came from the the Filipino population. As of February 2022, Call of Duty: Mobile surpassed $1.5 billion in global lifetime player spending across Google Play and the App Store. The U.S. ranks as Call of Duty: Mobile’s top country for worldwide revenue to date, with the title generating more than $647 million in the country.

3. Google One

Google One is the company’s subscription service, with several tiers to expand your cloud storage for a monthly fee. Storage can be shared with your family, but it’s just the start—there are other benefits to subscribing.

According to Similar web, the service rose one rank above earning it the 3rd position in terms of popularity and gross revenue.

4. Roblox

In 2021, Roblox records showed that Roblox has been played by over 230 million registered players worldwide with a consistent more than 30 million daily players up to date. 30% of Roblox players came from the US and Canada . While it is not clear how many players.

As of the third quarter of 2022, gaming company Roblox Corporation had over 58.8 million daily active users of Roblox games worldwide. This figure is up from the previously reported peak daily active user count of 52.2 million.

The Roblox Corporation is video game developing company based in the United States, and was founded in 2006. Considering how the platform has become more popular in the Philippines this year, it is understandable as to why the game has ranked 4th on the most popular sites in the Philippines

5. Geshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the most well-liked action RPGs available for a variety of reasons, including its gorgeous open world and vast selection of distinctive characters. Despite the game’s ups and downs, several new players continue to enter the gorgeous Teyvat realm with each new piece of content.

In August 2022, over 63 million players play Genshin Impact. During its launch in September 2020, the game had 16 million monthly players. Within just two years, this number has more than tripled.

Stats on reveal that Genshin Impact has never witnessed a decrease in its monthly player count. To put things in perspective, here’s the monthly player count of Genshin Impact during the first half of 2022:

  • February 2022 – 58,501,155 
  • March 2022 – 61,023,770
  • April 2022 – 61,562,016
  • May 2022 – 62,021,146
  • June 2022 – 62,320,225
  • July 2022 – 62,750,449


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