Top 5 Most iPhone-Looking Android phones under Php 10,000

At some point we can all agree that Apple sets the tone of what other smartphone companies implement on their newest models. With that in mind we have carefully analyzed the designs of the smart phones under Php 10,000. These are the Top 5 Most iPhone-Looking Android phones in that category

5. realme C35

The realme C35 particularly borrows the look of the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 12 especially with its camera layout. Even it has a triple camera setup, the design pretty much resembles the layout of that on the iPhone 11. On both phones, the cameras sit on an island with the same color as the back of the phone. Perhaps the only difference is the third lens on the realme C35. On the iPhone 11, the the third circle is a Dual tone LED flash while on the realme C35 its the 0.3MP depth lens

Apart from that, both phones have the similar curved-corner type of body. Both phones also have the IPS LCD however, the iPhone 11 uses liquid retina which is supposedly better with color accuracy and resolution. 

Price – ₱8,499

4. realme c55

The realme C55 has the flat type of design which is common a trend on almost all the latest iPhone generations. From iPhone 12 Pro to iPhone 14 Pro Max all the designs feature this same flat edges approach. This design definitely looks more premium and aesthetic, however it can be uncomfortable to hold for longer periods. Especially when it comes to gaming. 

Apart from that, the camera layout on the realme C55 also has the same notch style like that found on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Dynamic Island or in this case Mini Capsule. This is one of if not the very first Android phone to feature this design after Apple introduced it last year. It expands to give you more information about your battery and hopefully data usage and other important notifications in the future.

Price – ₱8,999

3. Redmi Note 12

With the triple camera setup arrayed in almost the same way as iPhone 12 Pro, the Redmi Note 12 is one phone which also looks like an iPhone. Xiaomi used the same style with the island that houses 3 cameras and the flash. The difference is that the Redmi Note 12 camera island is longer leaning more n the rectangle side. On the contrary, the iPhone is more on the square side and the lens design has bigger circles. 

The Redmi Note 12 is much more thinner and the display and back curve ever so slightly towards the edges. It still has thin flat edges but making it hang on the fence between flat and curved. The notch style is totally different between the two phones, a notch on the iPhone and a punch hole on the Redmi.

Price – ₱8,999

2. Tecno Spark 10C

If you see the Tecno Spark 10C’s back with a quick glance, you could easily mistaken it for an unreleased iPhone variant. It definitely looks like an iPhone distant cousin. Despite it having 2 cameras at the back, Tecno used the flash to create an illusion of something which looks like a third lens. It particularly looks like the iPhone 14 Pro. 

The only difference is the camera island. It is not the same color as the back of the phone which ruins the disguise. You would never find an iPhone with a dual color tone design at the back. At least for now. The screen sizes are almost the same on both phone with 6.7 inch on the iPhone 14 Pro Max and 6.6 inch on the Tecno Spark 10C

Price – ₱5,499

1. Tecno Spark 10

If the Spark 10C was a distant cousin of the iPhone 14 Pro Max then the Tecno Spark 10 is definitely a half sibling. It almost looks exactly like the Tecno Spark 10C but the camera island matches the same color of the back of the phone. It perfectly disguises the look of an iPhone but still maintains its budget within the affordable range. 

Apart from that, it even has the box type of body with flat surfaces and edges making it look super similar to iPhone. The Tecno Spark 10 is a perfect device for anyone who wants to have smartphone with a premium look without running the pockets dry. 

Price – ₱4,999


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