Top 5 most rugged phones under 20k

A phone case might not be sufficient for you, despite the fact that there are numerous robust cases available for even the best Android phones. These robust Android phones we have gathered, have a ton of crazy qualities incase you don’t feel comfortable bringing a Php 50,000 phone to a construction site.

1. UleFone Power Armor 15

One of the most intriguing features that sets the Armor 15 apart from most other phones is its design. Your first impression of the phone is probably its size and weight—exactly 346 grams. It feels less like your typical smartphone and more like a rock.

Although this bulk may not appeal to everyone, those seeking a long-lasting, robust, and durable phone will definitely value it. Climbers, construction workers, trekkers, and anybody else who needs a robust, waterproof phone with a big battery are the Armor 15’s target market.

2. Umidigi Bison GT2 Pro

The Umidigi Bison GT2 Pro 5G has a sturdy and robust design, a 6.5-inch screen on the front and a high-quality synthetic rubber layer on the back. It also has a solid metal frame, rubber cushions to absorb impacts, and a kind of thickness of 12.9mm to give it a wonderful feel in your hand. Its weight of 280g may be too much for some people, but it’s typical for a durable phone.

It is also robust and durable because of the rubber cushion and high-quality AG matte fiberglass coating on the back. In addition to the DotDisplay from the top, which has a 24MP camera in the centre of the top for taking selfies and video chats, the device’s front features a complete screen measuring 6.5 inches with very small bezels on the sides and a very narrow chin at the bottom.

3. Oukitel WP15 5G

Although it doesn’t have the biggest footprint, the WP15 is one of the largest and heaviest smartphone on the market. It weighs 485g, or more than a pound, and measures 178.2 x 86.2 x 23.8mm. It seems like a brick, but its V-shape design and typical 8-side form factor make it a little easier to grip.

Like most other manufacturers of rugged smartphones, Oukitel has chosen a traditional design with gunmetal-colored metal and black rubber, giving it the appearance of a spacecraft from another galaxy. To increases protection against screen damage, stronger rubber corners have been incorporated. The bottom of the phone is host to a rubber flap that hides a Type-C USB port and a lanyard connector loop. 

4. Doogee S89 Pro 

The S89 Pro is an unusually bulky phone, even by robust design standards. So much so that if you stuck someone with it, it would unquestionably be regarded as an attack with a lethal weapon. Its body is made of a combination of metal and glass-reinforced plastic, giving off the impression that it could withstand a lot of abuse even without its additional armored case.

The button arrangement, which has a fingerprint reader/power button, volume rockers, and a user-customizable button on the left, is as close to a de facto standard for robust designs as it is feasible to get. When employing push-to-talk technology, the camera shutter, or starting a specific application, the custom button comes in very handy.

5. UleFone Power Armor 17 Pro 

Although the Armor 17 Pro’s design appears pretty ordinary, it is not in any way terrible. The back is fairly plain, with a centered lens module and a matte carbon fiber-textured back plate. At least you won’t grow tired of it after a while because there isn’t a showy design. It has a wonderful, extremely smooth, silky feel to it.

Two SIM cards and one TF card can fit in the SIM card slot. Along with an NFC and headphone jack, the power and fingerprint sensors are combined into a single button. The Armor 17 Pro is one of the most feature-rich tough phones I’ve ever seen, despite the twin stereo speakers.

Despite being a rugged phone, the 17 Pro is quite slim and light for a rugged phone because it is only 12.5mm thick and weighs less than 300g. It has no dust plugs for its ports and supports the fundamental IP68 and IP69K certifications. This demonstrates how confident uleFone is in its capacity to be dustproof. If the port has dirt on it, wash and dry it so you may keep using it.


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