Top 5 phones you need to know that can handle the ultimate Genshin Impact experience

Genshin Impact is a graphically demanding phone at any time, even most phones cannot run the game in its potential, except for these five phones…


Sporting a super fast Snapdragon 870 flagship chipset, this beast of a smartphone can run Genshin Impact without problems whatsoever and that way, you can unlock the game’s full potential and marvel at the luscious landscape and fully rendered environment with a 120Hz refresh rate, and a speedy 67W charger. We can choose its older brother, the POCO F4 GT, but we think the 870 can handle the game fine and it is cheaper than its GT counterpart.

Full specs:


The undisputed current king of the flagship killer market, the Xiaomi 12T’s powerful Dimensity 8100-Ultra provides a really sharp image quality whether you are gaming or watching videos. It even defeats the iPhone 14 Pro Max in many notable aspects!

This is the top of line sub-flagship offering here under 30k courtesy of Xiaomi, and we can’t help but smile all the time when we play Genshin on these device: because this phone proves that this game is prefectly playable on mobile given the right specs. Check out the full specs and pricing here:


You cannot have a conversation about Genshin Impact on Android without the unmatchable POCO X4 GT, because for only under 15K, you got yourself a tamer Xiaomi 12T device, but with almost same performance with a major price drop — how cool is that? This phone is like a blue moon: very rare to come by but when it happens, you shouldn’t miss it.

For full specs and pricing, click this link:


realme’s offering isn’t playing around as well, and yes– it also runs on a Dimensity 8100 meaning, the same raw performance of the POCO X4 GT. But the advantage of the realme GT Neo 3 is 80W fast charger, above average camera quality, more storage and RAM options, and a cool muscle-car aesthetic that just screams faaaaast…

For its full specs and pricing, click this link:


Big things come in small packages, and the current 2022 iPhone SE isn’t playing around when it comes to gaming performance. It has an A15 Bionic chipset that’s both magnificent and miraculous given that it has only 3GB of RAM, but still, it plays Genshin at the top of its game with no problems at all (except for its miniscule battery). This is the closest you can get regarding the state of Apple’s flagships here in 2022 with this slice of heaven that is the iPhone SE 2022.

For its full specs and pricing, make sure to click this link:

So that’s it, these five phones here will run Genshin Impact to its full potential, and you can’t get any better than these options under their respective price ranges.


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