Top 5 prettiest phones under 20K: 2022 Year-End Edition

Now we enter the realm of 20K below phones, specs don’t matter in this list, only beauty and symmetry is king!

Now you decided to splurge a little and enter the 10K-20K range, this is the part where you can see phones that has the ‘it’ looks, so let’s start the list in no particular order:

Cherry Mobile Aqua SV

Long are the days where Cherry Mobile are the butt of the “cheapskate” phones because clearly, they upped their game with their freshest design yet: the Aqua SV. Sporting a look that’s a cut above the rest: complete with thin bezels, shiny frames, a hypnotizing camera module design, and that executive vibe with faux-leather back. 2022 is the year where you can say that you’re a proud Cherry owner without any awkward looks from other people.

TECNO CAMON 19 Pro Mondrian Edition

It has a neat trick up on its sleeve: point it at any light source and watch as this phone change it looks from white to an art-noveau look that is heavily inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian himself. Despite its hefty price tag and questionable price-to-specs ratio, you can’t deny the Camon 19 Pro Mondrian Edition’s power to wow anyone who’s lucky enough to see the transformation in real time, and it’s another justifiable reason not to use a case on this unless you’re the ‘butterfingers’ type of person, then you’re safe to put the clear case to your extra item known as your phone.

vivo Y35 / vivo v25e

Who wants a portable spotlight show on the go? You can achieve it with these two vivo phones: the Y35 and the v25e that’s both gorgeous in their own rights. If you want big rays of light shows, then go for the Y35, and if you want it double the effect: go for the v25e. But that’s not only that, its whole design aesthetic is really symmetrical and in harmony with the latest phone design trends of the year– that goes to show vivo’s ability to craft a really good looking phone when it wants to for a considerable amount of cash.

Huawei nova Y90 / HONOR X9

Yeah, keep telling us that’s you’re not the same company anymore, amirite fellas? Anyways, the year of the circle camera arrangement goes out with finesse as these two phones managed to incorporate these into the nova Y90 and X9 respectively without looking like a fifty-pesos toy phone from your local tiangge. This solidifies the fact that Huawei, despite all the sanctions and shortcomings, are still on the top of its game when it comes to smartphone design, and Honor on the other hand knows how to create a headturner.

realme 10

We will hereby declare this phone as the “vaporwave device” because of its color gradient back color design that treads between pink, yellow, purple, and white that looks like a cotton candy (or a Tequila Sunrise cocktail) transformed into a handheld computer also known as your smartphone. No, we won’t elaborate further, you’ve got to visit a realme concept store or order yourself one because that design is so enthralling and breath-taking that we can’t but to tear a little because of how good the design is.

So that’s it for now. Did we miss something or think that there are more beautiful phones within the 10K-20K range? Comment down below!


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