TOP 5 Smartphone brands in PH: Transsion takes the lead

The last time we did a list of the Top 5 smartphone brands in the Philippines, the list was completely different from what it has become now. Transsion, the parent company of Infinix, Tecno and iTel, is now the leading market share holder of all smartphone brands in the Philippines. But who else is on the list?


OPPO was the second most popular brand following the last quarter of 2023. During the first quarter of 2023, it has fallen back to the 5th place on the list. Despite the brand establishing a strong market presence, other brands give more value to the market. Because of that, they also attract a bigger share of the market percentage. According to Canalys, OPPO only owns 14% of the market share now.

4. vivo

Vivo, a prominent smartphone brand, has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive Filipino market. By offering feature-rich smartphones at affordable mid-range prices, Vivo has successfully captured the attention of value-conscious Filipino consumers. Through strategic investments in distribution networks and a commitment to innovation, particularly in camera technology, Vivo has solidified its position and gained significant market share, currently standing at approximately 15%.

3. Samsung

Samsung continues to maintain its position as one of the top smartphone brands in the Philippines. This is primarily because of its renowned reputation for delivering quality and innovative devices. Although Samsung smartphones often come with a higher price tag compared to some rival brands, many Filipino consumers are willing to invest in the brand’s premium offerings due to their advanced features and cutting-edge technology. With a market share of approximately 15%, Samsung’s stronghold in the Philippines shows the enduring trust and appeal it holds among smartphone users in the country.

2. realme

realme has successfully built a loyal customer base among budget-conscious Filipino consumers. They target those who value the balance between performance and affordability that the brand offers. Additionally, they have made significant efforts to establish a robust presence in the Philippines through its extensive distribution network. The brand focuses on producing smartphones that cater to the preferences of the younger generation, emphasizing their impressive content creation capabilities and trendy designs. As a result, realme has captured a notable market share of approximately 18%.

1. Transsion

Transsion’s recent accomplishment is quite remarkable considering its previous rankings. In the last quarter of the preceding year, the brand was in third position. In the third quarter of 2022, it held the fourth spot. During those periods, there was a noticeable gap between Transsion and its competitors.

Hence, it comes as a surprise to witness Transsion’s significant leap within just one quarter. Not only did the brand climb two positions, but it also managed to dethrone the previous market leader who seemed to be riding a wave of success.

While Transsion encompasses new entries such as itel and TECNO, it is natural for people to wonder about the specific factors behind this achievement. It appears that Infinix, a brand under Transsion, played a significant role in driving the market growth that propelled Transsion to claim the top spot in the Canalys PH rankings. They now have the biggest piece of the pie with 19% of the total market share.


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