Top 5 smartphones under 10K that can play Call of Duty: Mobile the best

You know you’re a certified gamer when you ask this question when looking for a smartphone: “Can it play CoD: Mobile?” Well, these below 10K phone can definitely play it to perfection!

In no particular order, this is the five best smartphones we handpicked to play Call of Duty: Mobile for the best optimal conditions!


For only a couple of hundreds shy of ₱10,000, you’ll get 8GB of RAM, and 256GB which are both essential in running your favorite games with no frills whatsoever. You’ll also get a sweet 6̴̯̜͈̼̦͚̈̌̇͌͜͝.̴̨̛̜̣̪̼̫͌̐̑̉̿̄̔̔̈́̔6̴̟̩̲̥̹͂̕6̸̢̛̛̺̳̞̬̎̆̔̅̏ (insert devil reference) inch AMOLED display with 90Hz for those deep blacks and vivid colors to truly immerse yourself into whatever you’re playing at the moment.

And with the new Helio G99 chipset inside it, maybe you won’t get the best graphics or refresh rates at the moment because since the processor’s still new. But holy cow, the POVA 4 PRO’s battery is fairly huge at 6,000mAh with a speedy 45W charger — and the MediaTek chips aren’t prone to overheating so in return, it’s a huge win since it can play Call of Duty for hours without overheating straight to Throttleville.

Check this link for its full specs and pricing:

OPPO A57 2022

The representative from OPPO right here isn’t exactly marketed as a gaming phone, but it sure plays Call of Duty: Mobile that well. What’s so alluring about the OPPO A57 2022? The aesthetics of this phone is the first thing that comes to mind since it’s the most beautiful of them all here.

Then there’s the Dimensity 810 chipset here that’s a fan favorite amongst the budget gaming community because of its power-efficiency and smart graphics and frame rate choices that translates into more screentime. It’s available in 6/64GB and 8/128GB variants. It runs most games smoothly without jitters and stutters.

But the OPPO’s A57 2022 edge is the camera module which are pretty well-made, something that a lot of gaming phones are lacking, the OPPO A57 2022 dodged a bullet here by not being restricted into being a ‘gamer phone’ but instead, a daily driver one that you can play games, too.

OPPO A57 2022’s pricing and full specs here:


This charmer of a phone from the mythical legend that is Cherry Mobile is a one hell of a package in such an affordable smartphone! Cherry Mobile’s Aqua S10 Pro 5G with Dimensity 700 chipset and with 128GB storage and 4GB of RAM — that’s surprisingly speedy despite having below 8GB of RAM.

This is officially the cheapest smartphone in the lineup with 5G so what that does mean? It means that you can game on anytime even if you have no Wi-Fi because 5G is the fastest there is! The graphics and frame rates aren’t too shabby with the Dimensity chipset’s ability to dissipate any heat through long sessions of gaming.

It’s time to give chance to your budget and Cherry Mobile to make a truce because the S10 Pro 5G is a well-made phone that’s well priced and satisfactory in almost all aspects.

Aqua S10 Pro 5G’s full price and specs here:


The Infinix Note 12 G96 chose to show-off its blings when it comes to the under 10K market since you’ll have an ever-so-reliable Helio G96 processor here, a 6.7-inch display that’s in AMOLED already (a rarity), with a great Call of Duty experience here because if you’re a well-informed gamer, you’ll prioritize speed over max graphics. And the Note 12 G96 did just that.

To say the least, this is a well-versed phone that can be used in multiple situations and in Call of Duty, you will have no problems running the game at its recommended settings. It has a premium look that you won’t be ashamed to pull off anytime, anywhere.

Check the specs and pricing for the Infinix Note 12 G96:


We mean, this particular Infinix phone even collaborated with Garena’s Free Fire because they are that confident with this device! The famed Dimensity 810 processor is here all over again, but the refresh rate is at a whopping 120Hz! You’ll also get a fairly large battery capacity and an updated design that will win any youth’s heart.

You can’t go wrong with how well CoDM runs in this device, and even other games as well! So for us, this is a great buy for how reasonably priced it is, and it’s future proof with the 5G inclusion. For its price and specs, check this link:

So that’s it, what’s your fave phone here? Or do you have any more suggestions?


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