TSMC-made 3nm Apple chipsets to be made starting next week

Looks like Apple is starting on another innovation with their M2, M2 Pro, and eventually A17 Bionic for their iPhones, what’s next for the Cupertino-based company?

The largest chip manufacturer in the world is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). When it comes to manufacturing semiconductor chips for businesses like Apple, it is the biggest company in the world. It also happens to be the primary manufacturer of the Bionic chips found in iPhones as well as Apple’s M chips.

Additionally, TSMC is the manufacturing facility for companies like ARM, MediaTek, AMD, and Nvidia. You are free to refer to this company as the most sophisticated chip manufacturer in the world since it produces the chips for all of these well-known brands.

Today, TSMC is the industry leader in many chip technologies. According to all indications, Apple and other business partners are about to lead in yet another technological milestone.

A report from DigTimes claims that the Taiwanese chip manufacturer is prepared to start mass producing 3nm advanced chips as soon as next week. According to the report, Apple will be the first company to benefit from the most cutting-edge chip technology available.

Apple is not only one of the biggest phone manufacturers in the world, but it is also TSMC’s main chipset supplier. This report leads us to believe that starting in 2023, every new Apple chip will include this brand-new cutting-edge technology. The TSMC 3nm technology will be used for the first time in Apple’s upcoming M2 Pro chip. The Bionic A17 chips from the following year will do this.

Rumor has it that on December 29th this year, TSMC plans to hold a ceremony in the Southern Taiwan Science Park. This occasion has been planned by the chip manufacturer to mark the start of mass production of 3nm chips.

The business will also discuss its intentions to involve additional partners in the production of 3nm chips. On the other hand, there is another rumor that claims Apple will introduce its new M2 Pro chip, which will utilize TSMC’s 3nm technology.

The new M2 chip will be used by Apple in its upcoming MacBook 14 and 16, Mac Studio, and Mac mini models. Both the M3 chip and the Bionic A17 chip may be affected by this.


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