Twitter 2.0’s top features revealed

Twitter is on a confusing limbo right now, with users debating that Twitter 2.0 might be a downgraded version of the old one, but Musk digressed

The CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, recently gave a speech at the organization. He published the speech’s PowerPoint slides, which show some of the features Musk wants to include in Twitter 2.0.

Additionally, the slides include some data about the business since his appointment. Twitter 2.0 is, to put it simply, Musk’s plan for the social media site.

Data provided by Musk indicates that as of November 16, there were an all-time high number of new Twitter signups. In the last 7 days, it reached an average of 2 million every day.

This represents a 66% increase over the same time last year. In the last seven days, users have spent an average of 8 billion minutes actively using the service each day. Additionally, this represents a 30% increase from the prior year. Both figures set new records.


The slides also show that hate speech is now less common on Twitter. Fake accounts, however, first increased and then decreased. For reported impersonation situations only. Additionally, Musk’s objectives and aspirations for Twitter 2.0 are listed in the slide.

Longer tweets, videos, payments, encrypted DMs, restart blue verification, and advertising as a service are some of the features that fall within this category. The slideshow suggests that Twitter is also starting to hire again following a wave of layoffs and resignations.

Remember how Elon Musk fired a lot of people after he took control of Twitter? Four of the top executives were let go the day he arrived at Twitter as he began with them.

A few days later, at least 3,500 employees of Twitter were let go. There is currently no job security at Twitter, and not everyone can handle the pressure. In the end, almost 1,000 Twitter employees left the company.

The company’s staff was reduced as a result from 7,000 to slightly over 2,500. It now appears that Elon Musk will employ some professionals to get Twitter up and running again.


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