Maybe you don’t want to touch grass and instead, shop from the comforts of your own home? The FB Marketplace got you when it comes to everything Apple!

They don’t call the Facebook Marketplace the “WILD WEST OF BUY AND SELL” for nothing. For starters, the prices are really confusing. You can see an enticing price point one minute, then you’ll be shocked the next because the price is just for ‘attention’ according to the said seller. Varmintz!

You can’t even check what’re you buying since you have to rely on what pictures or videos the seller had sent to you, and you cannot check them for possible hidden issues or malfunctions. In short– you have to trust your gut.

Thankfully, you can refrain from dealing with shady individuals, because this list will only include legitimate sellers with 100% authentic brand-new and refurbished Apple products. Check out the prices below for their pricelists with the links to their pages.

MrM gadget store https://www.facebook.com/www.MrMgadgetstore

Located at Farmer’s Market Cubao, MRM Gadget Store owner Marlon Marrero aims to provide quality refubished smartphones for a fraction of the price, for more details contact and visit their Facebook page.

Product namePrice (Refurbished)
iPhone 6s (64GB)₱6,000
iPhone 6s Plus (64GB)₱7,500
iPhone 7 (32GB)₱7,000
iPhone 7 (128GB)₱7,500
iPhone 7 (256GB)₱8,000
iPhone 7 Plus (32GB)₱9,000
iPhone 7 Plus (128GB)₱10,800
iPhone 8 (64GB)₱8,300
iPhone 8 (256GB)₱11,500
iPhone 8 Plus (64GB)₱13,900
iPhone 8 Plus (256GB)₱15,000
iPhone X (64GB)₱13,000
iPhone X (256GB)₱14,300
iPhone XR (64GB)₱15,000
iPhone XR (128GB)₱16,500
iPhone XS (64GB)₱15,500
iPhone XS (256GB)₱16,500
iPhone XS Max (64GB)₱18,500
iPhone XS Max (256GB)₱21,500
iPhone 11 (64GB)₱21,500
iPhone 11 (128GB)₱23,500
iPhone 11 (256GB)₱25,000
iPhone 11 Pro (64GB)₱26,000
iPhone 11 Pro (256GB)₱28,500
iPhone 11 Pro Max (64GB)₱31,000
iPhone 11 Pro Max (256GB)₱34,000
iPad Air 2 (64GB + SIM SLOT)₱8,600
iPad Air 2 (128GB + SIM SLOT)₱9,500
iPad Mini 3 (16GB WI-FI ONLY)₱5,500
iPad Mini 4 (16GB + SIM SLOT)₱8,000
iPad Mini 4 (64GB WI-FI ONLY)₱8,500

Millennial’s Gadgethttps://www.facebook.com/millennialsgadget

The famed Ninong Strong based in Isabela with a satellite branch here in NCR, despite their provincial location, is committed to bringing you quality refurbished goods that are 100% safe and quick to be delivered. For more info regarding their prices (posted below are their pricelist as of November 28, 2022) visit and message their page.

Product namePrice (Refurbished)
iPad 7th Gen 32GB₱14,000
iPad mini 1 16GB₱2,700
iPad mini 3 16GB₱5,500
iPad mini 4 16GB₱8,000
iPad mini 4 32GB₱8,500
iPad mini 4 64GB₱9,000
iPad mini 4 128GB₱10,000
iPad mini 5 64GB₱14,000
iPad Pro 9.7″ 32GB₱11,000
iPad Pro 10.5″ 64GB₱14,000
iPad Pro 11″ 64GB₱25,000
iPad Pro 12.9″ 2nd Gen 64GB₱19,000
iPad Air 3 64GB₱14,000
iPad Air 1 16GB₱6,000
iPhone 6S Plus (16GB)₱6,000
iPhone XR (64GB)₱14,500
iPhone XS (64GB)₱14,500
iPhone XS (256GB)₱17,500

COLAB GADGETScolabgadgets.com / https://www.facebook.com/Igotchustorecdo

Owned by the social media influencer, “Daddy” Louiejay Baloc, this is the ideal store if you’re from Visayas or Mindanao.

Product namePrice (Refurbished)
iPhone 6 Plus (16GB F.U.)₱7,499
iPhone 7 (128GB F.U.)₱9,499
iPhone 7 (256GB F.U.)₱10,499
iPhone 7 Plus (128GB F.U.)₱13,799
iPhone 7 Plus (256GB F.U.)₱14,799
iPhone 8 Plus (256GB F.U.)₱16,999
iPhone XR (64GB)₱17,999
iPhone XR (128GB F.U.)₱19,499
iPhone 11 (128GB F.U.)₱25,999

Jerry.Co Marketinghttps://www.facebook.com/JerryCoMarketing/

Another one from FB Marketplace with a physical store in Farmer’s Plaza Cubao, they are offering some of the most recent Apple releases from 4 years up to date with a compelling price.

Product namePrice
iPhone X (256GB)₱13,999
iPhone XR (64GB)₱12,999
iPhone XR (128GB)₱14,499
iPhone XR (256GB)₱15,499
iPhone XS ₱16,499
iPhone XS Max (64GB)₱20,499
iPhone XS Max (256GB)₱22,999
iPhone 11 (64GB)₱17,499
iPhone 11 (128GB)₱19,499
iPhone 11 (256GB)₱21,499
iPhone 11 (128GB Brand-new)₱29,999
iPhone 11 Pro (256GB)₱27,499
iPhone 11 Pro Max (256GB)₱30,999
iPhone 12 (128GB)₱26,499
iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB)₱35,999
iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB Brand-new)₱39,999
iPhone 13 (128GB Brand-new)₱44,999
iPhone 13 Pro (128GB)₱57,999
iPhone 13 Pro (256GB)₱63,499
iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB Brand-new)₱61,999
iPhone 13 Pro Max (256GB Brand-new)₱66,469
iPhone 13 Pro Max (512GB Brand-new)₱78,999
iPhone 14 (128GB)₱54,999
iPhone 14 (256GB)₱59,999
MacBook Air M1 (256GB Brand-new)₱52,499
iPad 9th Gen (64GB WI-FI ONLY)₱20,699
iPad 9th Gen (256GB WI-FI ONLY)₱28,999
Apple Pencil (1st Gen Brand-new)₱5,299
Apple Pencil (2nd Gen Brand-new)₱6,299


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