Valorant Mobile Gameplay: Perfect FPS game sa mobile?!

Valorant has taken the world by storm within a year of its launch on the game and quickly became the #1FPS competitive esport title, the hype of this game is legit! Riot games is very serious about Valorant and they are looking to expand the game and porting Valorant on mobile devices.

VALORANT Mobile Release Date

We can expect valorant mobile version to be begin in mid of 2022 and be playable by the end of 2022 or in 2023. Hindi pa natin sigurado ang release ng game para sa mobile gamers diyan, hintay hintay muna pero maasahan natin na magkakaroon rin ng Valorant mobile!

Anna Donlon from Riot games stated that the mobile version is under development. Sabi naman ng executive producer na ang mobile version ay magiging ready na in the second full year or VALORANT which is 2022 and yes, walang cross-play so mobile players will play with mobile players rin!

Will Valorant Mobile differ from the PC version?

leaked photo for valorant mobile

Wala pang official gameplay para sa VALORANT mobile pero may mga leaks na from various sources that showcases the potential control interface for the mobile port of valorant.

Valorant Mobile Gameplay leaked?

Kumpleto pa rin ang abilities ni jett sa video leak na ‘to siguro kung gusto niyo sa right side ung gun niyo sa game magkakaroon nalang ng mapping for controls.

Valorant mobile might not be completely the same as the PC version but the developers are developing the game to be more suited for mobile players.

Valorant Mobile updates will be posted in the future so stay tuned!


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