vivo Collaborates With Mediatek To Make A Better Imaging Chip

  • vivo’s X80 flagship series will be featuring vivo’s very own imaging chips. Not to be confused with SoC’s, the V1+ helps render better graphics – the video quality is expected to be better, and camera shots clearer and color-accurate.
vivo v1+ ISP
vivo v1+ ISP

The V1+ chips support both Mediatek and Snapdragon. It’s made specifically for supporting the Mediatek 9000 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipsets. The imaging chip took one year to develop in-house, making vivo the first OEM na gagawa ng sariling imaging chip.

The V1+ chip promises to deliver better low-light photos, noise reduction, higher display frame rates, less heating, and core optimization. 

Explaining Imaging Chips

Imaging chips are the hardware that converts raw light signals going to your camera lens and processes it for display. The imaging chip converts light information received by the camera sensor to code that the phone shows to you via the display.

Importante ito and its the reason why some cheap phones with even lower quality cameras can still take better pictures. What you see on the screen on your phone is a filtered, and already post-processed image.

Kaya kahit gaano pa kababa ang MP ng camera, it will still depend heavily on the ISP. It also works vice versa: higher MP sensors paired with cheap imaging chips result in mediocre photos.

Not the First vivo ISP

The vivo v1+ isn’t the first ISP made by the BBK OEM. They made vivo v1 September last year. The v1 chip took two years of development, and since vivo already has a clear image of the v1+ iteration, it took them less than a year, but still with the same number of people working on it (about 300).

vivo v1 ISP
The vivo v1 ISP was released last year September.

The vivo v1+ imaging chip’s release together with the vivo X80 flagship series is very similar to what the company did last year. Kasama ng release ng vivo v ISP ang vivo X70 series of flagships.

vivo VX80
The vivo v1+ ISP is set to debut in the X80 flagship series

Hopefully this vivo ISP delivers excellent visuals for consumers, as vivo is known for its excellent cameras. Not only that, but with the release of this new ISP, they may become a good brand choice in terms of gaming.


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