Vivo S15 and S15 Pro Officially Released

Two new phones from vivo, the vivo S15 and S15 Pro are already out in the market. The two phones are the latest offering from the company. The early vivo S series provided users with the goal of providing the best devices for viewing media, and hopefully these two new phones will exceed our expectations.


As it turns out, these two phones are indeed an upgrade over the S1 and S1 Pro series. The S15 series use new chipsets that are leaps and bounds ahead of the SD 665 used by the S1 Pro and the Helio P65 by the S1.

This time, the vivo S15 uses a SD870 chipset, which brings this to flagship territory. The vivo S15 Pro uses the new Dimensity 8100. Both phones continue the AMOLED trend from the previous S series phones, both with 120Hz refresh rate.


As for the cameras, the S15 has the same 32MP selfie camera – ideal for content creators or livestreamers who want to look their best in front of an audience. The S15 still has a triple camera setup, but with higher MP count this time. If the vivo S1 only had 16MP for the main camera, vivo gives us four times the resolution which. The full S15 setup is 64MP plus an 8MP ultrawide and a 2MP depth sensor.

The vivo S15 Pro’s rear camera setup looks like a downgrade however, going from quad camera setup to a triple camera. However, vivo bumped up the MP count on the main camera from 48MP to 50MP, and the 8MP in the S1 Pro is now a 12MP ultrawide, and of course, a 2MP portrait lens for the bokeh.


Both phones have almost a similar battery capacity as the previous S generation, at 4500mAh, except they took the S1’s weight into consideration, shaving off 100mAh. The vivo S15 and S15 Pro do not have an official price in the Philippines yet. The vivo S15 Pro is available in configurations of up to 12GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage, while the vivo S15 is in 8GB | 128GB configuration.

There’s news of another S15 variant, the S15e, which was released earlier (April) than the two phones.


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