WDDC 2022 Reveals Exciting Features in iOS 16

A new Macbook Air with an M2 chip and an updated lock screen for iOS was just a few of the things Apple revealed in their WDDC 2022. However, with most people using handheld devices, the iOS 16 easily took the audience’s attention.

The newest iOS will be featuring new AI tech, communication features, and updates to security. But one of the most awaited features on the iOS 16 will be a highly customizable lock screen. This means customizable fonts and themes, widgets, and backgrounds.

People familiar with Android might be scratching their heads why this is only available for iOS just now, and Apple would probably respond with “security reasons” and for good measure – Android’s open-source nature is a double-edged sword. While Android is highly customizable for individual developers, it doesn’t have the exclusivity and security of Apple’s software design.

The lock screen will also show Live Activities, which is Apple’s equivalent of Google News. There’s also a focus mode that will help users minimize notifications or at least improve what type of alerts come up. 

iOS 16 also will include several features for messaging such as marking messages as unread and unsending messages, which is very similar to Facebook Messenger’s remove/unsend feature. 

These are just a few of the features shown during Apple’s WWDC 2022. There are several others such as an installment-like app (Apple Pay Later) and updated parental controls. Individuals can further upgrade their security by employing Safety Check, a new feature that limits non-owners’ access to their valuable information.


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