What the best low-end processors that fits your budget?

We heard you asking so we answered: what’s the best low-end processor? The truth is, there’s no single answer about it.

It depends of what ‘low end’ means to you, our reader. There’s no single specific answer to this question as processors literally come and go and promoted and demoted depending on its age, raw power and more factors. Let’s dissect it by SoC brands instead:


Snapdragon 480 5G

Snapdragon 480 5G and 680 are the best processors under their entry-level category because of their power efficiency, stability, and the ability to play light to medium games or even heavy games smoothly (when set to recommended settings), yes the frame rates and graphics are not on par… but the thermal regulation is top-notch.

They score above 300k on AnTuTu Benchmark (v.9.4) which is pretty good nowadays to do mostly anything. 


Helio G90T

Helio Series starting from G90T and above (G95, G96, G99) and also the Dimensity series (700, 810, 900, 920) are pretty much the popular options of smartphone manufacturers under the budget category since its design for endurance and battery efficiency.

While not the strongest, gamers are in for a delight because they can play for much, much longer without any issues.


Kirin 710

Aside from the 710, I think your best bet is the 900 or 980 which pretty much old flagship SoC but behaves now like an entry-level processor so that’s your best bet if you want a Huawei device.


Exynos 850

We don’t talk about Exynos here. No really, at this point we can’t really recommend any low-end Exynos because of its sluggish performance, bad thermals and ridiculous pricing. Even Samsung gave up on developing these chipsets.


Unisoc Tiger T618

Their Tiger Series (specifically the T610, T616, T618) are pretty decent and are considered as the bottom-of-the-barrel when it comes to lo-end processors, if you’re really on a budget, consider phones with these chipsets.

Even their most powerful offering, the Tangula T770, which clocks in at 2.5GHz (peak) is clearly a budget chipset that behaves like a mid-rangers. 



What the hell is a JLQ? As far as I know, they’re a new SoC manufacturer that’s like Unisoc in some ways except they have the JR510 as their very first chipset which clocks in at about 2GHz. You can find it inside POCO C40 right now which costs around $100 or PHP5,000 and above which is pretty solid.

So there you have it, some of the best options for processors under the low-end category, be sure to look for those phones with chipsets we’ve mentioned if you’re planning to buy one.


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