What You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

It’s thanks to Samsung’s innovation in screen technology that it’s possible for consumers to have access to a variety of devices such as mobile phones and large screen displays. But more recently, the existence of foldable phones is slowly becoming the trend as the new definition of the premium flagships.

Just after the release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in August of last year, the smartphone company is now making another successor to their own competitive product. The Samsung Galaxy Z fold will be released sometime this year, and here’s a few things you need to know about the product.

The phone will run on Snapdragon 888, or more commonly known by its rebrand, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have the very same SoC as that of its predecessor, and the only difference this phone has are some hardware changes and tweaks in battery management.

There’s also an attempt on the mobile phone manufacturer to decrease the amount (or in this case, visibility) of the creasing. The display improvement will surely entice people who are into heavy media consumption. 

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a better set of cameras, almost comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will also have a better camera setup – from the 12MP in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to a whopping 50MP, consumers are guaranteed better picture quality. The camera will be considered almost comparable to that of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. 

The newest foldable phone will debut in August, and there’s even news of a phone in its lineup codenamed “Diamond.” The two other phones will be the Galaxy Flip 4 and the N4, although not much is known about this product. 


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