Why We Ranked Wiko T50 As “Sakto Lang”

The Wiko T50 is a competitive phone that has all the right specs for its price: a 6.6 FHD resolution screen (and a bezel-less one at that), a big battery, big storage, and a dedicated gaming processor. But why is it in our Sakto lang tier list?


The reason why this phone is a better choice than say, Samsung Galaxy A52, is because of its display. It’s true that the other phone has a 90Hz Super Amoled screen, but the pricing for the Wiko T50 is on the lower side. The Wiko T50 uses the same resolution as that of the Samsung A52, but costs PHP7000 less. And add to that the bezel-less display and this makes it one of the great upper-tier entry level phones released for 2022.

At its price point, the IPS LCD screen isn’t the selling point. It’s the bezel-less display and the small chin that makes this phone the perfect viewing device. The punch hole camera also gives more screen real estate, making this a must-have for both gamers and people who scroll all day on Facebook.

Colors on the phone have  outstanding vibrance, and the details really make the display immersive. It’s one of the best phones out there that have good pricing for an IPS display. Overall, we’d recommend this phone if you want a great phone with a great display.


If you want a gaming phone, this phone isn’t the best out there. BUT, it’s equipped with a Helio G85 gaming processor. The chipset is somewhat old since they’ve already released better version of the Helio G80 series. But the Helio G85 chipset does make sense and is compatible with the battery. It’s an energy efficient chipset, and should be able to handle every day phone tasks.

We tested this phone with gaming, it actually held up well. There was no noticeable lag with Mobile Legends. There were a few frame drops but not enough to interfere with gaming. The phone can also play Call of Duty Mobile at its max settings of medium graphics and high-frame rates, and the experience was good overall. Wiko T50 may not be a gaming phone, but its solidly equipped to be one.


Part of the reason why this phone only makes it to the sakto lang tier list is its cameras. Yes, the display is the best highlight of this phone, but it would be much more enjoyable if the cameras were more capable. 

There are other phones in the market that offer quad camera setups for less than PHP 11,000, but the Wiko T50’s shortcoming is obviously its lack of good camera hardware. However, the cameras sit just right in its price range – the 64MP main camera shoots great photos, an 8MP Ultrawide camera makes for varied shots, and the depth/macro lens give portraits a boost with the bokeh effect.

What’s great is that the software is optimized to make the pictures look better. Even though the main camera is only 64MP, the Wiko T50 actually takes great photos in better lighting conditions. The selfie camera is boosted to 16MP – most phones at its price point settle only for 13MP, or sometimes a mediocre 8 MP.

There’s also great news for content creators for both Tiktok and Youtube. The Wiko T50 can record videos in 1080p which gives it a quality that’s hard to beat at its price point. So, yes, the Wiko T50 might be a decent choice when you’re looking for a cheap phone with a good set of cameras. However, we’re inclined to say that you can save a little more if you want better camera quality.


Powering this phone is a 4000mAh battery that charges with a 40W fast charging. This IS a really good deal for consumers. If they want a phone that charges fast enough so they can film their next viral Tiktok video, the Wiko T50 is a good choice.

But there’s one slight problem with the hardware. This phone uses an IPS LCD which significantly takes up more battery life, and the Helio G85 processor isn’t the best when it comes to thermals. 

More heat would mean potentially less battery longevity, and the FHD+ is going to require more battery power. The phone is not made for gaming despite the Helio G85 processor, so we advise anyone who has this phone to treat it as a general media consumption device. It comes with its own pros and cons, but the 40W charger really makes a difference. I say go for it if you want fast charging.


As for the pricing, the Wiko T50 retails of PHP 11,990 for the 6GB|128GB. It’s an okay price. If Wiko T50 marketed this phone as a content creator’s tool because of the high-quality, bezel-less display and it’s impressive 64MP camera, then it would probably be a hit with consumers. 

That’s why this phone only ranks as Sakto Lang. It definitely doesn’t need improvements because there’s a good balance between its good and ugly features, and the display and camera setup is the compromise it brings for its lack of a better processor.

Watch the full hands-on review of the Wiko T50 below:

View the full Wiko T50 spec sheet here.


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