WIKO T10: Big things came from small beginnings (review)

Let’s revisit this budget charmer from the French smartphone brand as we dabble everything from its specs down to its sweet design!

Following the official launch of various kiosks (including those in SM Marikina and SM Taytay, among others), Wiko, a French smartphone manufacturer that has been operating overseas since 2011, has cemented its presence here finally.

We previously reviewed the WIKO T10 together with the WIKO T50, but the T10 has undergone an update with a greater internal storage capacity and improved box art. Let’s see how capable the WIKO T10 is.

First impressions

It’s encouraging to see that most low-cost phones now don’t have a plain appearance. We recall the early years when inexpensive phones actually appeared dull or outdated, which is why the Wiko T10’s design is not particularly surprising to us.

Since it exhibits a special kind of classiness that is uncommon in a cheap phone, we genuinely like the Emerald Green hue.

Budget phones still excel at having a headphone jack and a microSD card slot, if there is anything! Both are included in the Wiko T10, although its SIM tray supports up to a 512GB microSD card and two SIM cards or a single SIM.

Despite using flat-sided phones the majority of the year, we still prefer those with curved backs. An inherent level of confidence comes with a curved back, other than the fact that it doesn’t feel like cheap plastic, there isn’t much more to say about the design — and this is true even if the frame and back are made of plastic.

The specs

Contrary to the design, the display is rather simple. It has a 6.5-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1600 x 720. It sports a dewdrop notch, like the majority of phones at this price tier.

It is known as an Edgeless Dewdrop Display by Wiko. This display is really fine and just big enough for content. Just don’t expect it to perform well in direct sunlight, but it’s really passable. 

Android 11 Go Edition is installed on the Wiko T10. We get a lighter version of Android with certain Go apps, such Assistant Go and Google Go, because this phone has 4GB of RAM compared to the old version’s 2GB.

You’re stuck with what this phone has because we don’t anticipate it receiving any support for software updates, but this assumption should be taken with a grain of salt because of who knows? For simple things like messaging, YouTube and video conversations, and social media apps, it’s perfect. 

For games and more, you can but don’t expect mind blowing graphics because this only has the MediaTek Helio A22 chipset in it.

The battery

This Wiko T10 review’s battery life is one area that undoubtedly goes in the direction of positives. Even though the charging power is only 10W, the 5,000mAh battery can last a very long time.

This phone can easily last a day. It’s fortunate that this phone has a USB-C port so you can use any charger that has the same port. However, depending on how frequently you use your phone, your results may differ.

Camera performance

Really not much can be expected from the Wiko T10’s solitary 13MP rear camera. One area where phone manufacturers substantially cut expenses is this. especially now that the camera is the final front in which phone manufacturers actually fight.

Despite this, we believe the photos this phone produces are generally good. It will take pictures of those priceless memories, so you can rely on that. However, because this camera requires a lot of light, don’t consider using too much creativity. These images were captured using the Wiko T10.

With this dark, contrasty appearance, the camera might not be one of its strongest points. Don’t expect more than that; you can make it work in broad daylight.

In summary

The fact that the Wiko T10 is a cheap phone remains unchanged by this. You can only do so much to make a phone compelling in this price range. The total bundle, though, is plenty for a first-time phone buyer. The main highlights of this phone are its 5000 mAh battery and 128GB of storage space.

Manage your expectations, though, if you were hoping to get a phone with a lot of value. But until you can save up and upgrade in the future, you can very much get by with this phone.

The market for smartphones does have a place for inexpensive phones. We merely considered that in 2022, we could need to increase that starting price. Making good-quality phones is becoming increasingly difficult. WIKO T10 in all honesty is a great secondary phone to gift anytime, but ideally on Christmas.

This is also for the elderly or kids who wants to use a phone without them being overwhelmed by its features, or if you’re seeking to maybe manage your phone usage, this phone is your very best bet. For only ₱6,499.00, you can expect a great build quality and essential functions from the WIKO T10.


✔️ 128GB
✔️ Curved back and matte design
✔️ Battery life that is good or even great for a 5000mAh battery
✔️ In full sunlight, the 13MP main camera produces respectable images 
✔️ This phone runs reasonably smoothly thanks to Android 11 Go Edition
✔️ Type-C and the mythical 3.5mm headphone jack


❌ The display is insufficiently bright to be used outside
❌ The Helio A22 chipset is outdated for use today
❌ You can only play casual games due to its performance 
❌ The cameras are essentially useless in other contexts
❌ No rapid charging in any way




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