Xiaomi aims to be a top 5 car maker in the next 20 years

In an interview, Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, said that the company’s ambitions for the future include a position in the top five car manufacturers

Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, spoke once more about the company’s automotive division. Lei stated that Xiaomi Auto aims to become one of the top five automakers in the world within the next 15 to 20 years, adding that Xiaomi’s 100% ownership of Xiaomi Auto is based on the efficient use of resources across the entire organization. 10,000 physical Chinese stores opened by Xiaomi in the last three years have been extremely beneficial to the promotion of Xiaomi Auto.

Lei stated, “The vehicle is a century-old field, regarding the time period. It’s never too late as long as you have faith in the motor industry. The development of Chinese electric vehicle makers is 6-7 years ahead of Xiaomi, but Xiaomi s advantage lies in electronic technology and user experience, and the delivery time in 2024 is just right.”

On August 11, last year, The Paper reported that Xiaomi ad invested 3.3 billion yuan in R&D in the field of autonomous driving in the first phase, and had set up an R&D team with a scale of over 500 people. Meanwhile, Xiaomi automatic driving technology has entered its testing stage.

When talking about the profit expectation of Xiaomi Auto, Lei said that, in the long run, aside from hardware profit, vehicle software profit is more important. “Xiaomi‘s advantage lies in its ability to integrate. Cars can integrate sales, after-sales service and charging piles. In the future, cars can integrate more and more services,” Lei added.

“We are a company that serves users. We look forward to one day linking mobile phones, cars and smart home appliances.” Lei added, “We do not rule out mergers and acquisitions of some good companies, but we will consider stable operations.”

When talking about ChatGPT, Adam Zeng, president of Xiaomi‘s mobile phone department, introduced that ChatGPT is based on a large AI model, with 100 billion-level parameters, data volume, manual labeling and other technologies. Xiaomi has always invested in large AI models and has extensive applications in the ChatGPT field, such as Xiaoai Tongxue, an intelligent voice assistant, and robots.


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