Xiaomi following the footsteps of Motorola with a full-on camera lens attachment

Remember the Moto Z Play series? It has a series of attachable accessories ranging from powerbanks, casings, a full 5G module, and a Hasselblad lens. Now Xiaomi wants to do the same…

Xiaomi has unveiled an idea that lies in between a smartphone and a camera. This gadget, which is essentially a new Xiaomi 12S Ultra, varies by supporting particular Leica lenses. Last summer, Xiaomi unveiled the 12S, 12S Pro, and 12S Ultra, three new high-end smartphones developed in conjunction with Leica.

The latter has gotten even closer to the features currently found in high-end cameras. following its introduction of the new 1-inch IMX989 sensor.

With a novel concept built around a Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Xiaomi has once more merged the worlds of smartphones and cameras. Two 1-inch sensors are used in this modification! The conventional lenses that can be seen on the other sensors are replaced by one of these.

The circular photo module’s center contains and is accessible. This enables flawless compatibility with Leica lenses and allows it to directly collect outside light.

When the Xiaomi 12S Ultra was initially shown, everyone expected being able to mount Leica lenses to the circular photo module, and the Chinese firm has now effectively accomplished this.

Xiaomi has strengthened the phone’s frame and added a lens holder to make the smartphone compatible with Leica M-series lenses.

Therefore, mounting all of these lenses on the back of a smartphone to capture the photo is simple. The lenses simply snap into position once they are on the camera module. Xiaomi also states that sapphire crystal protection has made the photo module scratch-free.

It is obvious that this smartphone is a basic idea for the time being. And Xiaomi is not likely to release such a product any time soon. We do get a sense as to what the Chinese corporation is capable of, though. And the high-end cellphones’ possible future course. However, it’s important to note that these Leica lenses sometimes sell for more than $5,000.

Or more than 5 times the cost of the smartphone itself. It is therefore unlikely that the general public will adopt such a device quickly. But this concept isn’t the first of its kind: the Moto Z Play moved past the conceptual phase and actually made attachments and stayed for three incarnations.

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